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You’ve spent weeks preparing for the big interview, deciding in advance what anecdotes to share and updating your resume to include all your career highlights. When the big day finally comes, you find that you have a great rapport with your interviewer, and you can’t imagine not scoring a follow-up…Read More

From stay-at-home parents to victims of the recent recession, many Americans are struggling to reenter the workforce after a period of absence. As someone who’s been unemployed for a long period, you may think that finding a great job is impossible. And while lengthy unemployment may make it harder to…Read More

LinkedIn is fast becoming a primary tool for employers to find talent. It features great ways for people to follow businesses, contact people within companies, and interact with other professionals. Because interaction is the key to developing great connections, it is also monumental to your job search. You can interact…Read More

Thinking about a career as an Administrative Professional (Admin)? If so, here are some qualities that are commonly sought out. Keep in mind that there may be other factors that weigh into a company’s decision when hiring an Admin, such as personality or whether you match a company culture.  …Read More