Privacy Policy


Ownership and terms of use.

The Bolder Staffing web site and all contents contained within the site are the sole property of Bolder Staffing, Inc. Bolder Staffing clients, employees and interested parties may view, copy and use the staffing service and job opportunity information on our site solely for internal business purposes. At no time does Bolder Staffing grant any implied or express right to use the web site content for any purpose other than the use stated above. Use of the Bolder Staffing, Inc. web site is at your own risk.

Permission to use the information contained on this site may be altered or revoked at any time for any reason.

Privacy and confidentiality.

Bolder Staffing accepts candidate resumes and applications online. This acceptance DOES NOT constitute an offer of employment on the part of Bolder Staffing or any of its clients. Resumes are accepted for evaluative purposes and are held to assess potential candidates for specific types of assignments. While we make every reasonable effort to maintain confidentiality, resumes submitted by potential candidates may be viewed internally by Bolder Staffing employees and externally by Bolder Staffing clients with potential job positions to fill.

Client work orders may be shared by Bolder Staffing personnel and with affiliated employment agencies if the client is part of the Bolder Staffing MVP program.

Resumes and personal information will not be made available to marketing firms, advertisers or any other third parties beyond those mentioned above. Clients will not be permitted to contact job seekers directly.

Please note that while we make every reasonable effort to ensure confidential handling of all client and candidate information, we have no control over e-mail transmissions prior to the time we receive them or when we transmit information to candidates and clients. Therefore, we assume no obligation and shall incur no liability regarding such transmissions. Bolder Staffing also accepts no liability nor any obligation as a result of any communication solicited or received via this web site or affiliated web sites. This includes, but is not limited to, any obligation of confidentiality.

Finally, nothing provided through or contained within the Bolder Staffing web site can be construed as either a contractual offer or an acceptance of the same.

Client burden of confidentiality.

Bolder Staffing clients agree to take every reasonable measure to protect and ensure the confidentiality of any and all personal candidate information (including, but not limited to, applications and resumes) supplied to them by Bolder Staffing. In addition, clients agree not to disclose information about Bolder Staffing Inc.’s private and contractual practices.

Relationship of parties.

Bolder Staffing is not undertaking the role of agent to any job candidate. No term of art or other statement on this web site, no communication between you and any person employed by or affiliated with Bolder Staffing, Inc. and no other action by either you or any person employed by or affiliated with Bolder Staffing, Inc. shall be construed as (1) creating a partnership, joint venture or agency relationship between you and Bolder Staffing (2) implying that you are an employee or client of Bolder Staffing, Inc.

Accuracy, errors and omissions.

It is Bolder Staffing, Inc.’s policy to provide timely and accurate information within our web site. However, we make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, timeliness or the completeness of the information contained within the web site. In addition, actual results may differ materially from any result projected in future-related statements contained within this web site.

Job seekers may review and correct (if necessary) their profile/resume information or remove their profile by requesting a copy of their profile information and/or resume in writing or via email. The profile information and/or resume will be provided by Bolder Staffing within five working days. Any corrections, updates or removal necessary will be made within five working days of their receipt.

Liability and warranty disclaimer.

Bolder Staffing, Inc. specifically disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied. Without limitation, this includes warranties of non-infringement, marketability and appropriateness for any particular purpose with regard to any information or works available either at this web site or accessible through it, including via links to any other web site.

Any person or organization who copies, distributes or in any way uses any information or works which have been obtained from or via the Bolder Staffing web site hereby agrees to indemnify and defend Bolder Staffing, Inc., as well as its affiliates, from and against any and all causes of action. This includes liabilities, claims, suits, demands, proceedings, losses, damages and costs of any kind (including, but not limited to, reasonable legal fees), which may occur or in any way relate to the result of such copying, distribution or use.

Links and representations.

Although Bolder Staffing allows users, clients, candidates, affiliates and others to refer to this site (and its URL) to promote its use, linking any other web site to this web site without the express written permission of Bolder Staffing, Inc. is absolutely prohibited. In addition, in permitting such a link, Bolder Staffing in no way implies or agrees that it is either affiliated or that it in any way maintains, sponsors or otherwise supports any linked or referring web site. Moreover, Bolder Staffing takes no responsibility for the content, rights or any other matters associated with any web site we do not specifically maintain, sponsor or own.