Policies and Procedures

Precisely defined policies and procedures help us provide clear communication and ensure a safe, productive working environment for our assignees.

Employee Management

We handle all employment actions including payroll, disciplinary action, termination, and more. Our clients handle the day-to-day supervision.

Arrival Calls

Our thorough follow-up includes a call within the first hour of the employee’s first day of an assignment.

Eight-Hour Guarantee

If an individual does not perform to your satisfaction within the first eight hours of the assignment, you will not be billed for that individual.

Employee Status Reports

Weekly status reports are used to monitor employee performance.


Any time worked over 40 hours within the workweek (Monday – Sunday) for one client results in overtime, which is paid to the employee and invoiced weekly.

Temp-to-Hire Policy

Many companies use our services to locate and evaluate “for hire” employees. Our policy for this service varies by need.

Safety in the Workplace

Because Colorado has historically had one of the highest worker’s compensation claims and rates in the country, it is our joint responsibility to address safety hazards and work to avoid excessive claims. Our in-house Risk Manager can visit and evaluate your site and consult with you on specific requirements.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Any employee using these substances prior to or on assignment will be immediately terminated.