How we Recruit

Want the right person for the job? REST easy.

Our unique REST Program (Recruiting, Evaluation, Screening & Training) ensures that the people we send are the people you need.

This four-point program casts a wide net in our search for qualified candidates and ensures that they meet your requirements, demonstrate their skills and continually upgrade their capabilities.

Recruiting… tapping every available source.
Once a candidate walks out our door, we make sure they have the right skills, training, and attitude before entering yours.

Evaluation and Screening… BSI & BP2 choose the best.
We screen candidates with an in-depth application and interview process that can be personalized for you. Basic computer, technical skills, and other evaluative testing are used, depending on the position being filled.

Training… BSI & BP2 maximize each employee’s potential.
Without a doubt, satisfied employees are the most productive. You can count on this fact: BSI & BP2 assignees arrive informed and ready to work.

Our screening process includes:

  • Previous work experience, education, skills and availability
  • Evaluative interview
  • Evaluative testing
  • Task questionnaire to assess capabilities and restrictions
  • Reference checking and verification
  • Social Security verification
  • I-9 and E-verify
  • Drug Screening
  • Background Checks