Applying for a new job is rarely a fun-filled journey. However, if your search seems to be stalling, our team might be able to help. We understand that roadblocks are common on the road to gainful employment. And our years in recruitment have taught us how to circumvent these obstacles.

Here are some reasons your job search might be stalling along with tips for furthering your career.

Lack of Connections

Many job seekers devote weeks to applying for jobs only to receive few if any responses. If you’re experiencing this problem, the issue might not be your qualifications but an inability to get in the door. Consider turning to your professional network on LinkedIn or Facebook to get an “in” at a desired company. You can also contact a staffing company like Bolder, which boasts personal relationships with many local employers.

Lack of Response in a New Field

Workers looking to make career changes often find themselves waiting around to hear back from recruiters. If you’re trying to enter a new field, you might need to take additional steps in order to be taken seriously by hiring managers. Along with pursuing certifications and other continuing education opportunities, consider talking to a recruiter who can advise you about jobs for which you are qualified.

Poor Interview Skills

If you’re landed multiple interviews but haven’t received any job offers, the issue might be the impression you’re making on hiring managers. After all, the fact you’re being invited for interviews suggests your qualifications are up to snuff. If you aren’t getting job offers, you might need to work on your ability to sell yourself in the room.

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Landing an interview at your desired company doesn’t mean the job is in the bag. At Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements we work with candidates every step of the way, from crafting resumes that get attention to answering common interview questions. You can trust our experts to support you on this important journey. For more information about our services, call today or contact our recruiters online to learn what we can do for you.

The job of an HR representative isn’t just to find the best worker for the job. It’s also to ensure a smooth transition for the company while making certain that oncoming workers feel comfortable in their roles. While many employers focus on the more technical aspects of onboarding, such as filling out paperwork and learning internal software systems, helping employees feel comfortable is equally important if you want to minimize turnover down the line.

Here are some top tips for making new employees feel welcome on the job.

Assign Mentors

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know whom to contact with questions or concerns. One way companies can overcome this problem is by instituting a buddy system whereby a current employee mentors a new hire. Arrange for the mentor to show the incoming worker the ropes and even take him to lunch to ensure he feels welcome.

Let Your Team Give the Tours

HR-led tours aren’t always relevant to the needs of new employees. Instead, arrange for a team-led tour, so your new worker can see the parts of the office that are essential to her daily job function. For example, a member of the employee’s own team is better equipped to show her the good pens in the supply closet and which break room has the best coffee.

Be Inclusive From the Start

If you want to minimize the odds of an employee jumping ship, make sure he feels like part of the team from Day One. You can achieve this goal by asking your new worker about his long-term goals and desires at the company. Additionally, it’s a good idea to invite new workers to social activities, such as company lunches and happy hours. A personal invitation can be more meaningful than an email sent to dozens of workers.

Improve Your Onboarding Strategy With Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements 

We are proud to help companies throughout Colorado and beyond with their recruitment needs. Whether you need help minimizing turnover or dealing with a sudden staffing shortage, our experts are there to meet your needs. Additionally, we can work with you to ensure new workers enjoy a smooth transition to the team. Contact our staffing experts to find out more about what we can do for you.

It’s one of the most common interview questions and one of the most disliked. After all, being asked to talk about yourself is both vague and broad. Best-case scenario, candidates wind up rambling about where they were born and went to school. In the worst case, they say something overly personal or inappropriate due to nerves.

A leader in local staffing services, Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements specialize in helping job candidates land job interviews and prepare appropriate responses to commonly asked questions. Here are some tips on how to deliver a response to this prompt that stands out from the pack:

Don’t Be Predictable

Prepackaged interview responses are unlikely to garner favorable responses from hiring managers. While “Tell me about yourself” is a frustrating question to hear, it would be mistake to provide canned answers taken from your resume or cover letter. The recruiter wants to hear something new, so avoid offering the same-old responses about where you went to college or what you learned at your first job.

Brag a Little

Job seekers often hesitate to brag about their achievements for fear of sounding stuck up and snobbish. However, being too modest can affect your ability to land your dream job. After all, the hiring manager wants to know why they should select you from a sea of qualified applicants. If asked to talk about yourself, highlight some specific achievements that would enable you to do your job successfully. You can also talk about the reasons you’d make a great team member or skills you have that make you stand out.

Be Specific

Just as it’s important to share your strengths in a job interview, you should strive to be specific in detailing your achievements. Any applicant can describe herself as smart, educated and dedicated. Instead of selling yourself with adjectives that don’t tell the whole story, provide the HR manager with specific examples of past accomplishments in jobs or volunteer organizations.

Trust Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements to Find Your Next Job Opportunity

Whether you’re just starting your job search or preparing for a big interview, don’t hesitate to contact the team of recruiters at Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements. We can help you practice answers to common questions and aid you in landing future interviews. To find out more about our services, call or contact one of our recruitment pros online.

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business, but they aren’t always around when you need them. From unexpected sicknesses to maternity leaves, there are many reasons you might need to hire a temp worker to fill the void. Fortunately, Bolder Staffing Inc. is here to make sure you find the right person for the job.

Help for Projects

From busy holiday sales times to new initiatives that require additional staff, there are various reasons you might need temp workers for your team. When you work with a staffing company like Bolder Staffing, Inc., you can rest assured knowing these employees will be there to help out as needed. This flexibility is incredibly valuable for small businesses, in particular, as they might not need – or be able to afford – this increase in staff year round.

Reduced Burden on Staff

Staffing shortages can put a serious burden on your full-time employees. After all, these individuals have lives and responsibilities outside work and can’t necessarily be there to cover extra shifts. With temp workers, you keep current staff happy and prevent them from abandoning you for your competition.

New Ideas

Temporary workers don’t just fill the void by working when other staff members can’t. On the contrary, these employees are smart individuals with their own thoughts and ideas. If you’re looking for an influx of new thinking at your business, hiring a few temp workers can be a great way to get it. Many of these people have worked at numerous companies and have seen how these businesses conducted operations. They can bring this expertise to your company. And who knows? You might find someone you want to keep around for the long haul.

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Based in Colorado, Bolder Staffing Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements serve the needs of a wide array of companies. Whether you’re looking for temporary staff or someone permanent to join your work family, our experts have the knowledge and experience to help. For more information about how we can help your business grow, call today or contact us online.

As a temp worker, you probably know not every job turns into a full-time opportunity. However, on occasion, there is the chance to transition to a full-time role. In some cases, companies even hire temp workers with the goal of assessing them for permanent work.

At Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements, we help temp workers identify those temporary assignments that do have the potential to turn into careers, while making the most of the ones that don’t.

Make Friends With Your Co-Workers

If you want to land a full-time job, it’s only logical to make friends with your supervisors and colleagues. However, even if the company isn’t hiring full-time staff, bonding with co-workers can be beneficial. You never know when you will need a reference or an in at another company down the line.

Offer up Your Services

Temp employees who want full-time jobs should be ready and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, if overtime opportunities are available, volunteer for them before your co-workers. The goal is to showcase your abilities while showing you’re the kind of worker your colleagues can count on.

Decide If the Job Is Right for You

Of course, a temp job isn’t just an opportunity to climb the ladder to a bigger and better position. It’s also a chance to determine if the role is right for you in the first place. Before signing up for a full-time role, give it a try on a part-time basis.

After all, you might decide the position lacks creativity or doesn’t pay enough to be worth the stress.

Let Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

At Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements we don’t just help job seekers find high-paying positions. We also work with them to develop lasting careers that will delight and challenge them in the coming years. Whether you’re looking for a temporary job or something more permanent, our knowledgeable team is there to help. To find out about our services, call today or contact our recruiters online to learn more.

Sometimes companies struggle to find one good candidate for an open position. However, sometimes they have the opposite problem and wind up with too many talented individuals to do the job. In that case, it can be difficult to choose just one new employee.

A leader in local recruitment services, we help a wide array of businesses find the best job candidates. Here are some of our tips for choosing among the best of the best.

Host a Trial Interview

It’s hard to judge someone from a 30-minute interview or a phone conversation. To choose from multiple qualified candidates, considering holding a trial morning in the office. You can find out how excited prospective employees are about the job, how skilled they are and how they jibe with your existing staff.

Assess Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is one of the biggest concerns when hiring new employees. After all, you’ll be working with these people day in and day out, and a bad fit can cause work conflicts and slow downs. For best results, assess each candidate individually to see how they communicate with staff, including potential bosses.

Review References

Just because a candidate makes a good first impression doesn’t mean they have the skills to do the job. When evaluating multiple strong candidates, take time to review their references. Rather than looking for vague endorsements, seek out candidates whose previous employers can provide concrete examples of successes. And make sure candidates can pass basic background checks.

Let Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements Help With Your Hiring

Boasting years of experience, the team at Bolder Staffing Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements helps companies every step of the way, from locating and screening top job candidates to choosing the right person for the job. You can trust us to help you find both temporary and full-time workers to meet your business’ needs at any given time. Contact our staffing experts to learn more about our services or call to talk to our teammates. We look forward to helping your company succeed.

Manufacturing businesses fulfill an important function in the U.S., creating products that Americans use on a daily basis. However, these companies sometimes struggle to keep their workers safe on the job. From operating dangerous machinery to lifting heavy loads, there are various ways in which manufacturing workers can get hurt on the job or even injure their co-workers.

At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we are passionate about protecting your workers as though they were our own. Here are some tips to help you empower your employees to take ownership for their safety:

Encourage Reporting

Your employees are the ones on the front lines of your manufacturing facility, and therefore the best people to identify small problems before they turn into serious hazards. To give your workers the power, create a suggestion system by which they can place ideas for improving safety in a box anonymously. You can also invite workers to speak up during meetings or come to you after hours, if they prefer.

Create Safety Groups

If you want to improve safety standards at your facility, consider empowering your employees to work together on safety committees. These groups can work to improve safety standards for various aspects of the business. For example, one might focus on the manufacturing floor while another deals with job training for new employees. Give each group a specific set of tasks and follow up to ensure changes are made.

Recognize Effort

One of the best ways to encourage workers to do their best in any arena is to recognize those who have already succeeded. Be sure to call out those employees who have made useful suggestions or taken steps to make the facility more secure. You can even offer gift cards to local restaurants or spas as a reward for a job well done.

Rely on Bolder Staffing, Inc. for Your Hiring Needs

Few things are more important than the safety of the people in your employ and the customers who visit your facility. A recruitment center since 2007, Bolder Staffing, Inc. helps companies with a wide range of tasks from finding new employees to keeping their workforces safe. To find out more about our services, don’t hesitate to call or contact us online. We look forward to working alongside you to safeguard your business.

There’s more to acing an interview than reading up on company policy. Yes, even the most qualified employees sometimes fail to land the position due to their body language. From posture to eye contact, nonverbal cues can convey the right or wrong impression to the person making hiring decisions. Here are some body language faux pas that can prevent you from landing your dream job:

Inability to Make Eye Contact

Job candidates who neglect to make eye contact don’t just create distance between themselves and hiring managers – they also come across as insincere and even untrustworthy. For best results, look the hiring manager in the eye during your next interview, and try to hold her gaze while answering questions. By showing you can be calm and collected during an interview you indicate you can do the same while on the job.

Defensive Gestures

Crossing your arms over your chest when you’re nervous is a natural gesture; after all, you’re protecting the torso, which is one of the most vulnerable body parts. However, this gesture doesn’t preserve your odds of getting the job so much as hurt them. The last thing you want to do is appear defensive or difficult to talk to, and crossed arms serve as a barrier between you and the person interviewing you.


As a child, you might have learned about the importance of a firm handshake from your mother or father. The truth is this philosophy serves you well in the working world. A strong, dry handshake shows you’re calm and collected rather than apprehensive or uncomfortable, so practice your handshake before the big day.

Get More Great Interview Tips From Bolder Staffing, Inc.

If you’re searching for a new job, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Bolder Staffing Inc. A leader in local staffing solutions, we connect job seekers with a wide range of companies and positions. Whether you need advice about your resume or help impressing in the big interview, you can always turn to us. To find out more about what we can do for you, call today or contact us online.

It’s no secret that employees do their jobs better when they’re happy in their assigned roles. Unfortunately, companies often struggle to determine whether or not their workers are actually happy. Here are some tips from Bolder Staffing, Inc. for ensuring your team is satisfied – and your business remains productive in the coming months:

Changes in Attendance

Your employee’s attendance record can provide useful insight into their overall happiness level on the job. While it’s normal for workers to take the occasional sick day, if an employee is missing more days than usual in a given time period, he might be thinking of jumping ship. Additionally, companies should look out for workers who come in late or leave early regularly.

Communication Issues

If your employees have stopped communicating with you on a regular basis, they might be getting ready to leave the company. Moreover, if you have poor communication skills, your workers are unlikely to come to you with problems or concerns. For best results, schedule periodic job performance meetings and occasional group discussions with your team and make it clear that workers can always come to you if an issue arises.

Lack of Opportunity

If your current workplace environment doesn’t give employees the opportunity to learn and grow, turnover at your facility is likely to suffer. After all, your employees are men and women with ambitions of their own, and if you don’t give them the chance to find positions that inspire them, they’ll likely look for these roles elsewhere. For best results, help your workers find long-term careers at your company to ensure they don’t leave you for the competition.

Keep Your Workers Happy and Your Business Productive

With almost a decade of experience, Bolder Staffing, Inc. has the connections and experience to find the best employees for all your open positions. Whether you need help setting up an interview or arranging for background checks and screenings, we can help. To find out more about our staffing services, call today or contact our recruitment pros online. You’ll be glad you did.

Employees are often tempted to share their entire job histories during interviews. Not only does this sort of information overload tend to bore hiring managers, it also fails to show what you can do for the company in question.

At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we specialize in connecting job seekers with lucrative opportunities and working with them to land the positions. Here are some tips for standing out in an interview by talking about your career history in the right way:

Discuss Achievements

Rather than casually naming all the positions you’ve held in the last ten years, restructure the job history conversation to focus on specific achievements. For example, did you revamp your last workplace’s organizational system? Train lower-level employees? Mention these accomplishments to give the recruiter an idea of how you will succeed in this new role as well.

Mention Goals

It’s no secret that hiring a new employee is an expensive proposition. With that in mind, recruiters want to know that they can count on employees to stick around – at least for a while. Assure hiring managers you’re in it for the long haul by sharing your future goals and desires. The idea is to share what you hope to achieve in your new position.

Share Lessons Learned

Even bad work experiences offer value in that they show us how to avoid problems down the line. When discussing your work history, talk about lessons you learned dealing with angry customers, fussy bosses or persnickety co-workers. Then talk about how this knowledge will benefit you as you move forward in your career.

Let Bolder Staffing, Inc. Find Your Next Position

Have a big interview coming up? Boost your odds of scoring that dream position by speaking to the recruiters at Bolder Staffing, Inc. We have years of experience working with local employers and finding the best jobs. Additionally, we have the skill and experience to refine your resume and your interview strategy. To learn more about what we can do for you, call today or contact one of our recruitment pros online.