Most employers take a great deal of time and care during the hiring process in an effort to build the best team possible. Unfortunately, having the right employees doesn’t guarantee success. Oftentimes, barriers within the workplace and ineffective management can derail productivity and prevent your company from functioning optimally. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we’re committed to helping your business thrive. In order to help your company run as efficiently as possible, here are three of the most common workplace barriers and our recommendations for how to overcome them.

Ineffective Communication

Perhaps the greatest barrier to success in the workplace is poor communication. If supervisors don’t clearly communicate duties and expectations, workers may lose valuable time having to interpret the parameters of the task or redoing a job done incorrectly. Additionally, communication problems can lead to resentment between management and staff, adding tension in the workplace. In order to ensure that communication issues don’t hinder your operation, make sure that directives are clear at every stage and encourage everyone in your office to maintain an open dialogue.

Lack of Focus

Many factors can lead to a lack of focus in the workplace. One of the most notorious culprits is the Internet, with social media and YouTube serving as constant sources of distraction. Even more troublesome, however, is the fact that having too many responsibilities can lead to an employee’s focus being too scattered. After all, it’s hard to participate in a conference call while checking your email, fielding customer questions and responding to urgent text messages. To combat this problem, advise your workers to only focus on one issue at a time and fully complete one task before starting on another.

Excessive Micromanaging

Oftentimes, we fall into the habit of treating employees like cogs in a machine. Successful managers know that employees need some level of autonomy, whether it’s the freedom to approach a task in a different way, the ability to take breaks on a flexible schedule or being able to personalize their workspace. By excessively micromanaging and running too tight of a ship, you run the risk of stifling your workers, hindering their performance, dampening their creativity and causing resentment. So as much as possible, give your employees some latitude and allow them to thrive on their own terms.

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Your resume is your introduction to potential employers. Given this importance, it’s crucial for your resume to be as effective as possible. While everyone knows that a resume needs to provide a snapshot of your education and work experience, many people forget that their achievements need to be quantified. Using numbers to back up your experience gives hiring managers a concrete understanding of your accomplishments, and will help you to land the job you’re trying to get.

Quantifying Educational Background

Adding numbers to your educational experience is simple. Including your cumulative GPA is a good place to start, but if you ranked in the top 5 or 10 percent of your graduating class, that is also valuable information to employers. Additionally, it’s a good idea to quantify student leadership or volunteer positions. Saying you were the vice president of an organization with two hundred members or helped plan an annual event for 1,000 students is more valuable than simply listing these accomplishments without numbers.

Quantifying Work Experience

Work experience is perhaps the easiest element on your resume to quantify. Overall profitability, the number of clients served and annual cost savings are all measurable metrics you can use in your resume. Moreover, you can also use hard numbers when talking about the number of teams you led or projects you oversaw. Even if you didn‘t serve in a leadership position in your job, you can still talk about how a team you were a part of catered to X number of customers or increased growth by Y percentage.

Quantifying Skills

When it comes to listing skills on your resume, some abilities are easier to quantify than others. If you can type 80 words a minute or have three years experience using certain software, these are easy numbers to incorporate. On the other hand, soft skills such as the ability to work independently, communicate effectively and meet deadlines are a little harder to quantify. However, if any of those skills contributed to a measurable increase in efficiency, helped complete a lucrative deal or enabled you to interact with a high number of clients per day, these are numbers you can highlight in your resume.

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A number of factors go into maintaining a successful business, and one of the most important is having a reliable performance review system. Not only does having a good performance review strategy allow you to see how efficiently your business is operating, but it also allows your employees to see how well they’re meeting expectations. If you’ve been using the same strategy for a while now, it may be time to update your review process, and the experts at Bolder Staffing, Inc. are here with three helpful tips to make your strategy more effective.

Make the Process Ongoing

For most companies, the performance review is an annual event, but this strategy may be hindering you from getting the most out of the process. Increasingly, businesses are finding more success in making employee evaluation an ongoing process, wherein worker performance is constantly monitored and inefficiencies are corrected. Instead of holding yearly reviews, some experts advise holding performance evaluations every quarter in order to make the process more beneficial.

Create Objective Metrics

For employees, it can be maddening when they feel like they’re being judged based on subjective measurements, and it can be difficult for them to effectively make corrections. In order to combat this problem, you should make sure that all of your evaluation criteria are objective in nature. Not only will this give your employees concrete goals to aim for, but it will allow all of your supervisors to be on the same page when it comes to evaluating workers.

Focus on the Future

Oftentimes, supervisors can get bogged down in the past when talking about an employee’s performance. Instead of focusing on what an employee has failed to achieve in the past, you should focus on correcting inefficiencies with an eye toward the future. Talk about concrete goals you hope your workers can achieve by their next performance review. Also, it’s a good idea to discuss those goals within the context of the company’s overall strategy, as this will allow your workers to see the vital role that they play in creating a better future for the business.

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In order to effectively succeed in business, you need to have career goals. Unfortunately, the road between developing goals and achieving them can be long, arduous and unpredictable. Due to these challenges, many workers end up giving up on their goals and accepting something less. If you want to achieve your career aspirations, here are four simple tips to help you get there.

Write Out Your Goals

It may sound simple, but writing out your goals will help you solidify what exactly you’re hoping to achieve. When writing out your goals, be sure to set concrete milestones so that you can monitor your progress. Also, it’s a good idea to have both short- and long-term achievements in mind. In general, you want to think of your goals as a progression, allowing successes to build upon one another.


It’s virtually impossible to achieve your goals in a vacuum. Succeeding in business requires strong relationships, so make an effort to network whenever you can. Whether you schedule coffee with a colleague or attend a targeted networking event, making valuable connections is one of the best ways to keep your goals within reach.

Maintain a Professional Image

If you want to get ahead in business, then it’s important for people to view you as a professional at all times. In the real world, this professionalism means dressing the part and making sure that you present a serious, confident image. Similarly, in the online world, you need to make sure that your social media posts are free of crude language or offensive material that may be an impediment to your success.

Have Someone Hold You Accountable

In order to achieve your goals, you may need to enlist some dedicated help. Having a friend, family member or significant other holding you to task can be a great motivator, and it provides a nice means of double-checking your progress. When looking for someone to hold you accountable to your goals, make sure you find someone whose opinion you value and will give you honest feedback.

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Due to the changes in technology and communication over the last twenty years, businesses have had to dramatically alter their recruiting strategies. Today, you need to have a dynamic and efficient strategy in place in order to attract top-tier talent to your company, and you need to have metrics in place to identify candidates who have the greatest potential to succeed. If your business has a recruiting strategy that is inefficient, you may be losing some of the best candidates to your competitors.

Good Recruiting Practices

If you were applying for a job at your company, what would you like the experience to be like? In general, job seekers like a company that is open and honest about its hiring procedures, so do your best to stay in touch with candidates through all of the application and interview stages. Additionally, you should make sure that your hiring managers have an accurate and up-to-date understanding of the open positions, which will enable them to effectively communicate with prospective employees about their role within the company, as well as give an overview of tasks and expectations.

If you’re looking to attract the best of the best, you need to make sure that the message you’re putting out into the world is positive and professional. Having a quality, up-to-date website is critical, as is properly managing your brand across social media platforms and networking sites, such as LinkedIn. The last thing you want is for a prospective employee to be turned off due to a problem with your branding that could have been easily fixed.

Partnering With a Recruitment Agency

With all of the demands that the recruitment process requires, many companies find that it’s beneficial to partner with a staffing agency. By having a recruitment agency carry the bulk of the workload, you can free up valuable time for the supervisors in your office, enabling them to continue with their daily responsibilities. Additionally, the professionals at a staffing agency are experts at combing through candidates and identifying the cream of the crop.

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With the economy recovering, the job market has become more competitive, and companies are increasingly discovering that they’re losing top candidates to their competitors. To be sure, candidates consider a lot of elements when deciding where they want to work, and salary, benefits, growth potential and work environment all play a role in their decision making. Despite offering top-tier packages, many employers are still finding that they’re losing out on the best candidates, and the reason may be surprising. In fact, it may be the hiring process itself that is turning candidates away.

Is a Slow Hiring Process Costing You?

During the hiring process, a lot of variables come into play, and there are often several stages that candidates have to pass through before they are offered the job. This vetting process is crucial to ensuring that the candidates who are hired have the best chance of succeeding at your company. Unfortunately, if the hiring process is not handled efficiently, your company could lose out on qualified candidates.

Just as your company goes through several qualified applicants when looking to fill a position, job seekers routinely apply to numerous companies at once. If your hiring process is too slow or cumbersome, you may lose candidates to competitors who have a more streamlined process. In order to make finding and evaluating candidates easier, many employers decide to partner with an experienced staffing agency.

How Can a Staffing Partner Help?

Working with a qualified staffing partner offers a number of benefits. For starters, outsourcing the more time-consuming aspects of the hiring process, such as poring over resumes and conducting initial interviews, can make the process go quicker, as well as save the supervisors at your company valuable time. Additionally, staffing agencies are experts at evaluating candidates and identifying which ones are most likely to succeed. So they will be able to quickly and efficiently deliver potential employees who will best suit your company’s needs.

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Before heading into a job interview, it can be difficult to prepare for all of the potential questions that an interviewer may ask. If you have significant gaps in your employment history, however, you can almost guarantee that they will be a topic of conversation. Even though employment gaps are fairly common, they still need to be adequately explained in order to keep them from hampering your chances of landing a job. So take a look below to see three of Bolder Staffing Inc.’s top tips for how to discuss employment gaps in an interview.

Find the Silver Lining

Regardless of whether you were fired or left your previous job voluntarily, find a way to frame your departure in positive terms. In the event that you were laid off, talk about how your position was eliminated during a corporate restructuring or how you were let go because you were at the higher end of the pay scale, both of which are common reasons that workers are laid off. If you left voluntarily, talk about how you decided to explore other opportunities or wanted a greater challenge. When explaining an employment gap, don’t lie about the circumstances, but make an effort to frame it in the best possible light.

Always Speak Positively About Your Previous Employer

However you discuss your employment gaps, make sure that bashing your previous employer is not part of your strategy. Yes, personality clashes and disagreements between workers and management sometimes happen, but bad-mouthing your old boss isn’t going to make you look good to your potential new boss. When discussing your previous jobs, be sure to remain professional and, once again, find a way to talk about your old employer in positive terms.

Highlight What You Did During the Gap

Not all employment gaps are bad. Often, workers will take time away from the corporate world in order to pursue passion projects, undergo additional training or education, or to raise a family. Spending time away from work doesn’t mean the time was wasted. Talk about experiences and skills you acquired during your employment gap that you can now put to use in your new job.

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Finding qualified candidates to fill an opening at your company can be difficult. Not only is the hiring process typically long and time-consuming, but even after all that work, there is no guarantee that the chosen candidate is going to work out in the long run. Given these challenges, many employers are opting to go with a more short-term approach by bringing in new employees on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis. So, what are the potential benefits that these staffing solutions could have for your company?

On-The-Job Evaluation

No matter how rigorous the hiring process, there is no guarantee that the candidate you choose is going to flourish in your company. Bringing workers in on a temporary basis, however, gives you the ability to see how they perform on the job before you make any kind of long-term commitments. Not only will you be able to see if a candidate can perform their duties effectively, you can also start to get a sense of whether or not he or she is going to fit within the culture of your company.

Flexibility to See How Much Help You Need

Sometimes you know that your company needs more hands on deck in order to handle the workload, but you’re still unsure of just how much help you need. By hiring workers on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis, you can see firsthand whether or not a new permanent position is justified. And in the event that a temporary worker proves invaluable to your operation, you can always create a permanent position to keep him or her around long term.

Saving Money

Hiring temporary workers can be a cost-saving measure, especially if you do it through a staffing agency. When hiring through a staffing service, the agency is the employer, not you. Since the employee technically works for the agency, you don’t have to worry about covering benefits such as health insurance or paid time off. Moreover, finding candidates through an agency can save your supervisors time, since they don’t have to lead the job search themselves. Letting an agency do most of the heavy lifting means that your workers can continue to focus on their regular duties.

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When coming into a temporary position, a lot of workers make the mistake of not taking the job seriously. After all, the job will be over in a handful of weeks or months, right? Not necessarily. In fact, a number of employers use temporary positions to evaluate the potential of workers for long-term employment, and even if the position is truly temporary, your supervisor can provide you with a glowing recommendation for your next job. Given the stakes, it’s important that you make a strong impression as a temporary employee, and the experts at Bolder Staffing Inc. are here to help with three simple tips.

Do Your Homework

Before you even walk through the door on your first day, you can take steps to make a great first impression. For starters, take some time to learn a little about the company. Browsing a corporation’s website, you can usually gain a pretty good understanding of the company’s identity, what it does, how it does it, and what its overall goals are. So do your homework and get an idea of how someone in your position can best contribute to the company.

Work Hard

A lot of temporary workers take things slow when they start a job, however, you can impress your new boss by coming out of the gate strong. By finishing tasks efficiently and volunteering to take on additional work, you can quickly gain a reputation as a dependable worker. If you make yourself useful enough, you may be just able to turn the temporary gig into full-time work.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Sometimes temporary workers don’t feel like true members of the team and just keep to themselves. If you want to make a good impression, then be proactive and introduce yourself around the office. Make an effort to assimilate into the workforce by sitting with your co-workers at lunch or chatting with people by the water cooler. Once the people you work with see you as a part of the team, then they’re less likely to think of you as simply a temporary employee.

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Hiring temporary employees can be a cost-efficient way to boost your workforce during the busy season or to evaluate new workers without making a long-term commitment. Unfortunately, bringing on new talent comes with the risk of impeding work flow, and temporary workers sometimes have a hard time assimilating, since they know that their employment isn’t permanent. If your company is interested in hiring temporary workers, here are four tips to help you seamlessly integrate them into the workforce.

Provide Adequate Training

One of the best ways to set temporary employees up for success is to give them the same caliber of training that you would for any other employee. Make sure that your temp workers know all the ins and outs of their assigned tasks by providing them with a proper orientation and plenty of supervised training by more experienced staff.

Start off With a Lighter Workload

As they become more familiar with the position and as you get a better understanding of their capabilities, then you can increase their responsibilities accordingly.

Properly Inform Current Staff

If you’re in the midst of making a temporary hire, one of the best things that you can do is give a heads-up to your current employees. Explain to the members of your staff what the expectations are for the new worker so that they can help make sure those expectations are met.

Encourage Communication

New workers typically have a lot of questions, so make sure that your temporary workers know what the proper communication channels are and encourage them to ask questions freely. Not only will an open dialogue cut down on confusion, but it can also help the assimilation process for temporary workers.

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