These days, prospective employees and employers don’t communicate via formal letters. On the contrary, we at Bolder Staffing, Inc. know that a majority of conversations with hiring managers happen via email, phone or even text. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to send emoticons rather than actual words. Here are some tips for communicating appropriately with a hiring manager:

Reply Promptly

Just because you’re trading texts with the recruiter instead of formal letters doesn’t mean it’s okay to be slow in your responses. Show the hiring manager you care – and that you’re responsible – by responding to messages of any kind quickly, ideally within a few hours. Additionally, you should make sure the recruiter has your phone number, so they can keep you up to date on any developments or schedule changes that might affect your upcoming interviews.

Check Spelling and Grammar

Before hitting send on that text message or email, take a moment to spellcheck your content and look for any grammatical errors. Not only does a sloppy email call your qualifications into question, it can also make the hiring manager think your attitude about the job is as casual as your attitude about your messaging. When in doubt, arrange for a trusted friend or family member to give that email a once over.

Be Patient

As a job candidate, you naturally want to show the hiring manager your interest and enthusiasm. However, some job seekers make the mistake of seeming a little too eager. Pestering recruiters with multiple messages asking for updates is a serious no-no; after all, you don’t want to upset the people who you’re trying to impress. For best results, limit communication to once a week unless the hiring manager contacts you.

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If turnover rates at your company are high, there’s a good chance it’s affecting your business in more ways than one. In fact, high turnover can result in a number of negative consequences from poor sales figures to overall employee dissatisfaction. Here are some ways in which turnover could be hurting your company, as well as tips to combat the problem.

Revenue Loss

Lost revenue is one of the most significant consequences of having a high company turnover rate. Not only do these businesses lose money on sales and productivity, they also face costs associated with hiring, training new workers, severance fees to dismissed workers, job ad placement and HR. If you are regularly hiring and firing employees, your total profits are likely to dwindle as a result.

Less Experienced Workforce

High turnover naturally leads to a less experienced workforce. Because you are constantly training new teammates, you won’t have a knowledgeable group around to serve your valuable customers. If client services suffer, you might find yourself losing money on the regular.

Resentful Teammates

Of course, it’s not just your business that’s bound to suffer in the event your business experiences high turnover. On the contrary, your employees will bear the brunt of the burden as they are forced to pick up the slack. In the long run, aggravated employees might opt to leave you for the competition rather than work the long hours that are needed to keep the company afloat.

Benefits of Temporary Staff

If your business is experiencing a period of high turnover, you might want to turn to temporary staff for help. Not only can these workers fill in for employees who leave on short notice or suffer illnesses, but they are also available for special projects to ensure that productivity doesn’t suffer. When in doubt, opt to work with a staffing company to ensure your temporary employees truly are top-notch.

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Think LinkedIn profiles are only important for workers in white-collar fields like law and teaching? On the contrary, talented manufacturing professionals should also create LinkedIn profiles to showcase their skills. Here are some of Bolder Staffing’s top tips for building a profile that helps you connect with employers as well as your peers in the business:

Encounter More Recruiters

One of the benefits of joining LinkedIn is it enables you to make contact with recruiters in your field. Manufacturing recruiters often mine social media sites to find the best and brightest. By creating a LinkedIn profile, you make it easier for recruiters and employers to find you and scan your resume and achievements at a glance. Additionally, some companies let you apply for positions straight from LinkedIn, saving you valuable time on your job search.

Showcase Your Achievements

Manufacturing candidates can use LinkedIn to showcase their skills and accomplishments. Along with highlighting past jobs, you can mention specific training certifications and special abilities that other employees might not possess.

As an added bonus, LinkedIn allows your peers to endorse you for various skills and abilities. It’s one thing to say you’re a strong manager; it’s something else entirely for your old boss to say it about you.

Connect With Peers

Finally, joining LinkedIn lets you connect with your peers and colleagues in the manufacturing industry. Not only do these connections help you find great job opportunities, they also ensure you stay up to date on industry developments. When setting up your profile, take time to examine your network and look for potential clients, prospects, and vendors who might be able to benefit your career moving forward.

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Losing a job is stressful, and finding a new one can be equally taxing. As a result of all this, job seekers are often tempted to take the first available position rather than searching for a role that truly meets their needs and goals. Here are some of the pitfalls associated with choosing any job instead of holding out for one that suits your skills:

Effect on Mental Wellness

Job applicants often stress out about finding a position. However, accepting a job you’re overqualified for can prove even more damaging to your mental health. Not only are you likely to feel bored at work, but you might even experience a general lack of fulfillment in your daily life.

Poor Performance

Just as your mental health can suffer if you take the wrong job, you might find your performance at work is lacking. If you don’t have the skills needed to handle your new responsibilities, you are unlikely to succeed in the position. On the other hand, if you’re not feeling challenged, you might slack off and surf the ‘net instead of doing your job. Either way, performance is likely to plummet.

Job Search Stall

One of the biggest problems with accepting any-old job is you won’t have time to look for another position that better meets your needs. After all, it’s hard to job hunt and attend interviews when you’re working 9 to 5. You might even find that a lack of energy prevents you from going on the job boards after work. In the long run, you might end up staying at a job that isn’t the right fit for your skills and abilities.

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For help with your Colorado job search, look no further than Bolder Staffing, Inc. We specialize in connecting our candidates with positions that truly meet their needs and skills. To learn more about our expert candidate staffing services, call a team member or contact the Bolder Staffing, Inc. pros online. We’re excited to work with you and help you find your dream job.

The interview process is a stressful one that can often lead to feelings of frustration or discouragement on behalf of the candidate. This is especially true for job prospects that feel like they made a mistake on the big day. From answering questions poorly to showing up with food in your teeth, there are plenty of ways to jeopardize your shot at landing your dream job. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc.’s top tips for recovering from your interview mistakes:

Arriving Late

The last thing you want to do is arrive late for an interview, but mistakes can and do happen. To mitigate the damage, call ahead to let the hiring manager know you’ll be delayed because of an accident, car breakdown or other issue. Apologize and promise you’ll do everything in your power not to repeat the mistake. And of course you should strive to leave early for all future interviews!

Showing Negativity

Most of us have had a bad experience or two on the job. While it’s fine to complain about your boss to family and friends, you should avoid taking this tact with your interviewer. After all, hiring managers expect that candidates who bad-mouth previous bosses will do the same with their new ones. If you catch yourself saying something negative, or making a remark in poor taste, strive to correct the mistake immediately. While you don’t need to dwell on the error, it’s smart to turn the negative comment into something positive. For example, if you complained about your old boss earlier in the interview, change gears and note that you also learned a great deal in that role.

Being Unprepared

You can’t anticipate everything a hiring manager will ask, but you can do your part to be prepared. However, if an interviewer asks you a question about the company and you didn’t do your homework, do your best to improvise a response. Strive to be positive and stress your eagerness to learn more about the issue in question. You can also try to shift the conversation to something about which you feel more comfortable speaking.

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Even the best interviews tend to feature a few small hiccups. However, with a little preparation, you can boost the odds of this meeting being a success.

Based in Colorado, Bolder Staffing, Inc. helps employees every step of the way, from finding promising positions to securing the interview and the job offer. Contact our staffing experts to schedule an appointment, or call to speak to a team member. We look forward to helping you find your dream job.


It’s no secret that today’s consumers increasingly use social media to make purchasing decisions. However, business owners might not realize their employees and job prospects are using social sites as well. If you haven’t reviewed your Glassdoor profile lately, you might be missing out on a valuable opportunity to take control of your company’s online presence.

A top social site among job seekers, Glassdoor offers candidates information curated from current and former employees. In this way, job seekers can gain insider data about the company before applying for positions. While Glassdoor can be invaluable for employees, businesses need to stay cognizant of what’s being said about them online or risk losing the best candidates to the competition.

Stay Alert to What’s Being Said

You wouldn’t sit back and watch in silence while customers said negative things about you on Facebook, right? Well, you shouldn’t ignore adverse comments from your employees, either. If you haven’t examined your Glassdoor profile in the last few months, take a moment to review what’s being said. If you notice a plethora of negative remarks, you can probably assume that potential employees are noticing as well.

Express Concern for Employee Feedback

It’s not enough to notice what people are saying about your organization and its treatment of employees. You also have to take steps to correct the issue both on and offline. Start by listening to your current employees and making an effort to improve their work experiences. You can also consult with an employment expert about improving company culture and reducing turnover. Additionally, companies with poor Glassdoor ratings should respond to the employees who levied complaints. Posting replies online shows current workers you care about their happiness while encouraging prospective ones to give your company a try.


If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on a valuable chance to improve your business’ reputation. Not only is a blog good for SEO, it also provides information you can repost on social media sites. Additionally, you can use your blog to respond to employee concerns and demonstrate the ways in which your company is striving to be better.

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These days, businesses need to manage their online reputations with care or risk missing out on great job candidates. A leader in local staffing solutions, Bolder Staffing, Inc. helps a wide range of employers find qualified employees. To learn more about our expert services, call to speak with a team member or contact us online.

Have a big interview coming up? If so, take the necessary steps to ensure the meeting is a success. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc.’s top tips for preparing for an interview the right way.

Learn About the Company

Before attending that all-important interview, research the company. The idea is to learn about the business’ goals as well as recent changes and sales initiatives. Additionally, you should strive to learn something about the company culture so you know what questions to ask the hiring manager. You want to ensure you’ll be happy in your new role, assuming the company offers you the job.

Practice Answering Questions

Practice makes perfect in almost any discipline, and interviewing is no exception. While you can’t anticipate exactly what questions the hiring manager will ask, you can look up some of the most frequently asked questions and brainstorm possible answers. Although you don’t want to memorize answers and come across as rehearsed, it’s a good idea to review the main points you plan to present before the big day.

Review Your Resume

Most interviews involve at least some discussion of previous positions. Before the big day, it’s a good idea to look over your resume and remind yourself of the jobs you held in the past. Review key roles and responsibilities, and make note of the ones most relevant to the job for which you’re interviewing. Reviewing your resume also reminds you of the achievements you should highlight to the hiring manager to boost your odds of landing the position.

Let Bolder Staffing, Inc. Help With Your Interview Prep

Just because you landed the interview doesn’t mean the hard work is over. On the contrary, you need to take steps to prepare for the big day. A leader in local staffing solutions, Bolder Staffing, Inc. connects candidates with the most promising opportunities and works with them to prep for interviews. Whether you’re seeking a temporary position or a permanent career move, call today or contact our recruiters online to discuss your options.

Temporary employees add immense value to a business. Not only can they fill in for permanent workers who are sick or vacationing, they also help out during busy times of year, thereby ensuring your main workforce doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Still, companies often struggle to locate the best temporary workers for their teams—and keep them happy. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc.’s tips for keeping your temp employees engaged and excited about their jobs.

Create a Challenging Environment

Your temporary employees aren’t just there to earn a buck—they also want to gain skills that will help them secure full-time employment down the line. To keep temp workers happy—and prevent them from jumping ship before you’re ready—provide them with new and challenging assignments instead of the same drudgework. Arrange for temps to shadow more experienced workers and offer training opportunities whenever possible. After all, you want them to leave the company with a broader skill set and positive things to say about your business.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

If you aren’t providing your temp workers with opportunities to climb the company ladder, you’re likely wasting both your time and theirs. Just because workers joined the company as temps doesn’t mean they aren’t eager to find full-time positions. If you’re in need of permanent staff, give your temps a chance to step up to the plate. You might just find that one of your temps makes an invaluable addition to the workplace.

Provide Perks

Your temporary workers might only be with you for a short time. However, they still deserve access to some of the perks enjoyed by your other employees. Ensure they feel like members of the team by including them in group lunches and happy hours and copying them on relevant emails. And of course, provide them with the resources they need to do their jobs well, like computers, comfortable chairs, and reference materials.

Treating your temps well helps ensure they do their best work while in your employ—and they don’t badmouth the company to their friends and fellow job seekers. 

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Boulder is a great city to live, assuming you have the funds to enjoy all your favorite activities. After all, skiing and snowboarding are hardly cheap. Fortunately, Bolder Staffing Inc. is there to help with your manufacturing job search. Here are some tips for finding a great manufacturing job in Boulder, Denver, and the surrounding towns.

Understanding the Manufacturing Biz

The U.S. manufacturing business has undergone numerous changes in recent years. Although overseas outsourcing is certainly partially to blame for the slowdown, another less-talked-about factor involves the use of domestic contractors. Rather than hiring full-time employees, many manufacturers now outsource their work to staffing agencies, which then find qualified candidates for the open positions.

Find the Best Opportunities

Working with a staffing agency is crucial if you want to find the best manufacturing opportunities in the Boulder area. Staffing companies offer many benefits to manufacturing companies. Not only do they help increase or decrease the workforce depending on demand, they also ensure workers are knowledgeable in business and safety practices. As a result, workers who find opportunities through staffing companies often enjoy a leg up on the competition.

Access Great Temp Positions

These days, many manufacturing jobs are available on a temporary basis. In fact, the temp movement is gaining steam throughout the U.S., due in part to the new healthcare regulations. Unlike full-time laborers, many temp employees don’t receive access to healthcare under the ACA. If you want to score interviews for lucrative temporary roles in manufacturing, you might need to contact a staffing company for assistance.

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Looking for a new position in the Boulder area? Seek help from an experienced recruitment company. At Bolder Staffing Inc., we know the manufacturing industry inside and out. Not only can we help candidates land interviews at top companies, but we also understand what businesses are looking for with regard to skills and safety standards. For more information about our services, call today or contact our recruiters online. Whether you’re looking for a temp position, or something more permanent, you can count on us to help.

If you own a small business, it’s no secret that your employees form the core of your company. After all, these people are the ones who interact with your customers and suppliers on a regular basis. If you don’t have a solid plan for hiring, there’s a good chance that your business will suffer. Here are some tips from Bolder Staffing, Inc. on determining the right time to hire:

Look at Your Marketing Plan

Before evaluating your hiring goals for the year, take time to consider your marketing plan. Do you have any big sales or advertising initiatives coming up? If so, you might need to increase staffing to coincide with the event. For best results, consider both your short- and long-term growth plans before making any hiring decisions and don’t wait too long to staff up before an event. 

Consider the Season

The time of year is likely to have a significant effect on your company’s staffing needs. For example, many companies need to increase staffing around Thanksgiving and Christmas to keep up with buyer demand. While some of these seasonal hires will be temporary, others could potentially join the team as permanent members. Take your time when hiring seasonal workers rather than rushing and selecting individuals who don’t live up to expectation.

Choose a Seasoned Staffing Agency

Hiring the wrong employees can be just as damaging, if not more so, than failing to hire at all. One of the benefits of working with experienced staffing agencies is that they are able to mine deeper and more specialized employment pools, including new college grads. This increases the odds that new team members will meet and exceed expectations.

Trust Bolder Staffing, Inc. With Your Hiring Needs 

Offering years of recruitment experience, the team at Bolder Staffing Inc. is there to help you staff your company for success. Along with helping you plan your hiring, we work with you to reduce turnover rates and keep your best employees for the long haul. Contact our staffing experts to learn more about our services or call to set up a consultation with our team.