The advent of online job searching means many workers assume they can find their own positions. Unfortunately, just because you can find your dream positions on sites like and Craigslist doesn’t mean you can land an interview. If you’re having trouble securing a job offer, find out if one of these outdated job search tactics could be to blame:

Only Applying Online

Just because you can apply for that sweet job online doesn’t mean you should. After all, modern recruiters receive hundreds if not thousands of applicants for every open position, and many of these resumes go immediately into the trash folders. If you want to rise above, sometimes it pays to find out who the hiring manager is and email them directly. This allows you to include some personal details you might not have put in your resume.

Sending Out Form Letters

Think you’ll increase your odds of landing a job by sending out more applications? Unfortunately, emailing a form cover letter and resume to a few dozen companies only boosts your chances of receiving more rejection letters. If you want to impress the people making hiring decisions, create customized letters that reference key words and phrases from the job ad. Put more effort into a few applications, and you’ll likely see better results.

Not Working With a Recruiter

Job seekers sometimes assume strong employment candidates don’t need to work with recruiters. On the contrary, a good recruiter can help you rise above the competition, landing both the job offer and your desired salary. Recruiters are particularly important when you’re switching careers or applying for a particularly desirable position.

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Even the best employees aren’t always going to do exactly what you want. If you want to improve the odds of your goals meshing with those of your workforce, opening the lines of communication is a must. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc.’s tips for boosting performance through continual feedback and communication:

Clarify Expectations

One of the many ways in which open lines of communication can boost performance is by allowing you to set and clarify expectations. In many instances, employees fail because they don’t know what managers and supervisors expect from them. From prioritizing assignments to preparing for meetings and presentations, employees will do a better job when they know what to expect.

One-on-One Meetings

It’s not enough to give employees progress reports once a year. If you truly want to improve performance and productivity, strive to hold one-on-one meetings with your workers at least a few times a quarter. Talking to workers regularly means you don’t have to save up negative feedback for the end of the quarter. Not only do one-on-one meetings let you implement change earlier, they also show employees you care about their progress at the company.

Utilize Multiple Channels

Of course, most companies don’t have time to meet one on one with each employee every week. However, you can get around this by utilizing multiple methods of administering feedback. For example, you can provide email and written communication and even incorporate anonymous feedback from other employees. Just make sure content has a mixture of positive and negative comments – the last thing you want is for your workers to feel attacked when you’re only trying to make minor changes in performance.

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Your team might not be blasting loud music or pounding beers at their desks. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t burdened by workplace distractions. As a manager, you might even be taking steps that distract your employees and hold them back from completing work on schedule. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’ tips for identifying common employee distractions and taking steps to avoid them:

Lack of Breaks

Ironically, if your workers aren’t taking enough breaks, they might be less productive over the course of the day. After all, no one can stare at a computer screen for eight hours without a rest. From long lunches to coffee breaks and walks around the neighborhood, encourage employees to take a little time during the day to relax and recharge. When they get back to work, they’ll be able to view tasks with a fresh eye.

Lack of Goals

Employees tend to work harder and more efficiently when they have clear goals in place. To keep workers on task, sit down with them once a month or so to talk about both long- and short-term goals. You can even ask them to post about their objectives on social media as a way of staying on point or offer rewards to those who meet and exceed expectations.

Impromptu Meetings

Of course, it’s no secret frequent meetings can be serious time wasters. However, you might not know that impromptu meetings are just as distracting. To avoid this problem, give employees a heads up about what topics will be covered in upcoming discussions. Encourage them to come prepared to ask questions or share comments and minimize the time spent sitting around.

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From hiring the wrong teammates to scheduling too many meetings, there are numerous reasons your workers might be distracted on the job. Luckily, Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements is here to help you succeed. To find out more about how to cut down on downtime and improve productivity in the office, call today or schedule an appointment with our staffers.

Just because you work in a field that requires hands-on expertise doesn’t mean you can afford to skimp when it comes to writing your resume. On the contrary, manufacturing employees need to showcase their skills and abilities if they hope to land the most competitive jobs with the highest pay. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’ tips for writing effective resumes in the manufacturing industry:

Highlight Special Skills

A good manufacturing resume highlights those skills that make you an excellent job candidate. However, rather than providing a laundry list of abilities, focus on the skills that are most relevant. If you’re not sure what to include, scan the job ad for keywords and phrases, and tailor your resume accordingly. Make sure your employment history verifies any skills and experience you claim to possess.

Add a Detailed Employment History

As a manufacturing candidate, your job history tells potential employees whether you are likely to succeed or fail. So, be detailed in providing info about previous positions. Along with the position and company name, offer an explanation of what your responsibilities were in a given role, highlighting any similarities to the desired position.

Focus on Your Career Level

All manufacturing candidates need detailed resumes, but your specific career level could impact the type of resume you create. For example, new workers with less experience might want to focus on their educational backgrounds and internships. On the other hand, workers with more experience should highlight accomplishments and instances in which they held more responsibility. In general, even highly experienced workers should limit their resumes to two pages.

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If you’re trying to land your next manufacturing job, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements Leaders in local staffing services, we help job candidates create effective, eye-catching, specific resumes to help them land their dream jobs. Find out more by talking to our staff or contact our recruiters online.

It’s no surprise a company is more successful when all employees are working toward a singular purpose. Unfortunately, managers often fail to take the steps needed to get workers on the same path. If you want to boost company productivity for the long haul, the key is to empower workers to do their jobs with confidence. Here are some tips for empowering your employees and increasing your own profits:

Focus on Goals

It’s hard for employees to stay on task and work toward the company goals if they don’t know what those objectives are. For best results, sit down with teammates and make sure they understand what the company wants to achieve, not just today, but in the long term. Then, help employees set useful and achievable goals of their own.

You should also keep company goals in mind when hiring. For example, if your company is passionate about community service, consider choosing workers with a similar mindset.

Give Them Space

It’s hard for employees to do their best work if they feel like someone is constantly looking over their shoulders. Instead of micromanaging workers on the job, step back and give them space to make their own decisions. Employees who feel like their bosses trust them to make good decisions are more likely to feel empowered, thereby continuing to grow and develop.

Hire Smart

Just as its important to hire workers whose goals align with those of the company, businesses should look for employees with intelligence rather than a particular skill set. Of course, skills and experience are important. However, employees with a proven ability to learn and grow on the job tend to succeed in any position.

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All companies want their employees to succeed, but not all supervisors know how to go about empowering their teams. A leader in professional staffing services, Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements helps businesses throughout the Denver area find top workers for all their open positions and keep them for the long haul. To learn more about what we can do, call today or contact us online.

Just because a prospective employee looks good on paper doesn’t mean they will fit in seamlessly with the existing team. Before taking on a new hire, it’s important to make sure this person will mesh with current employees and bring something valuable to the workplace mix. Here are some questions hiring managers can ask to determine if a candidate will fit in successfully with the company culture:

What Is Your Work Style?

While some employees prefer to handle assignments independently, others need strong leaders who will hold them accountable. If your current staff tends to be very hands off, they might not know what to do with a worker fresh out of college who needs a great deal of guidance on a daily basis.

What Do You Love About Your Job?

This question gives you an idea of an employee’s strengths and preferences and helps you assess whether the individual will be happy at your company down the line. Additionally, an employee who can’t think of anything positive to say about a previous job might be a little too negative to mesh with your current workplace vibe.

What Values Should Your Employer Display?

These days, many employees don’t want a job that just pays the bills. They also want to feel good about the company they work for. To assess a candidate’s cultural fit, find out what the individual values in an employer. If the person is seeking a company that gives back to the community and your business regularly donates to charity, that’s a sign this could be a good match all around. The goal is to get a job applicant talking and find out what values drive them to work hard and succeed.

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The idea of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence definitely applies to the job market. If you’ve been working in your current field for a significant period, you might think a career switch will be the solution to your employment woes. And while there’s nothing wrong with swapping industries, some workers embark on new professional journeys without considering the consequences of their actions. Here are some key questions to ask before swapping careers according to the team at Bolder Professional Placements:

Are My Skills Transferrable?

If you want to switch careers from teaching English to working in content writing, you might find many of your skills transfer nicely. On the other hand, an engineer looking to become an English teacher could be in for a long, hard road requiring additional education. Before switching careers, it’s wise to assess whether or not your skills are portable and how they mesh with your current career goals.

What Aspects of My Job Frustrate Me?

Most workers have certain parts of their jobs they like and others that leave them feeling frustrated. While you shouldn’t stay at a job that makes you miserable, it’s important to pinpoint exactly what aspects of the position are causing you grief. After all, if you dislike your boss or co-workers, you might only need to switch positions, not careers. On the other hand, if you despise the work itself or feel unfulfilled by your occupation, it might be time for a change.

Can I Get a Job in My Chosen Field?

You might love the idea of being a professional dancer, but getting a job in this field can be easier said than done. Before leaving your current position to take one in a new industry, assess how likely you are to score the position of your dreams. In some cases, you might want to keep the job you have and aim to devote more time to your passion in your free hours. After all, everyone needs to pay the bills.

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Bolder Professional Placements isn’t just concerned with helping people find jobs for the short term. Our passionate professionals want to assist you with landing your dream position. To learn more about our staffing services, call today or start searching our job list online.

Small companies are often tempted to handle their own human resources tasks in an attempt to save money. However, the truth is taking on tasks like hiring and payroll can drag a company down, taking up valuable employee time and resources. Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing your hiring to save money:

Reduce Fixed Costs

One of the best reasons to outsource is to cut costs with regard to hiring and firing employees. By outsourcing these tasks to a third-party provider, you change a cost that’s fixed (paying your HR team) into one that’s variable (i.e., only incurred as necessary).  The end result is more money in your business’ bank account and less going out the door.

Jumpstart New Projects

From developing fresh products to launching additional services, businesses often have trouble finding the staffing they need to handle new ventures. Outsourcing means you can get started on these projects right away and start earning money from them faster. This can be the difference between sinking and swimming for a new business just starting out.

Staff According to Needs

It’s no secret that businesses have different staffing needs depending on the season. Retail businesses in particular often have trouble sourcing sufficient workers to get through the holidays. One of the many benefits of outsourcing recruiting tasks is you can streamline the hiring process and minimize costs associated with hiring a seasonal workforce. After all, you don’t want to waste your team’s valuable time finding, screening and training employees who aren’t going to stick around after the Christmas rush is over. This service is also valuable for growing companies that are scaling beyond their expectations.

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From helping you with basic staffing tasks to ensuring your employees are truly up to the task, the team at Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements handles all your human resources needs.  Along with helping you find the best teammates, we perform thorough background checks on workers, so you don’t have to worry about their skills or abilities being subpar. To learn more about what we can do for your business, call today or contact our employer recruitment pros online.

Economic changes bring new challenges to the world of recruitment. Fortunately, temporary employees can help companies survive even the most inopportune changes in the financial sector.

A leader in local staffing services, Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements are passionate about helping companies find top workers in strong economies and slowdowns alike. Here are some of our top tips for recruiting contract employees with staffing firms:

Understand the Effect of the Economy

Now that the economy has (mostly) recovered from the recent slowdown, many employees feel comfortable leaving their jobs and searching for more fulfilling positions. Although this development means that talent is now more available to employers, companies still have to find ways of attracting the best candidates in a global economy. If you can’t find and recruit workers quickly, you might just find yourself losing the best people to your competitors.

Try Out Workers Before You Buy

In today’s economy, working with temps is a great way to get ahead. When you find talented temporary employees through a staffing firm, you can assess their suitability without spending a bundle on training. A reliable staffing firm will assess these workers for you and determine if they truly meet your needs. Additionally, opting for temps lets you attract and secure the best people even if you’re still waiting for funding.

Cut Down on Overtime Costs

Overtime costs can devastate a business, especially if the company doesn’t have a lot of spare cash on hand. Not only will your coffers suffer, you might also wind up alienating your best employees, who resent being forced to work extra hours. By opting for temp workers during busy times, you can avoid overtime costs without having to take on these people on a permanent basis. The end result is a happier staff and a more robust bottom line for your business.

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Don’t let changes in the economy spell disaster for your company employment. Ensure you’re fully staffed to handle any business that comes your way by working with a top-notch recruitment firm like Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements. To find out more about what we can do for you, call today or set up an appointment with our professionals online.


In the course of your job search, you’ve probably considered the myriad of reasons an employer should bring you on board. However, you might not have thought about why companies shouldn’t hire you. It might seem counterintuitive, but assessing your negative attributes can put you in a better position come interview day. Here are some reasons an employer might reject you, along with our tips for addressing them during the interview process.

Gaps on Your Resume

There’s no shame in having the occasional gap on your resume – however, the hiring manager you’re meeting with might not see it that way. For best results, avoid lying and make it a point to explain any large holes in your employment history. In most cases, companies respect candidates who are honest about the time they took off to care for children or nurse a sick relative.

Frequent Job Switches

It’s becoming less and less common for employees to hold one or two jobs over the course of a career. Instead, many workers jump from company to company in search of superior pay, more flexible schedules or greater challenges. While job hopping isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to let prospective employers know the reasons you decided to move around. When in doubt, focus on the positives, such as the ability to adapt to new positions or the skills you’ve gained along the way.

Career Change

If you’re trying to land a position in a new field, you might encounter some resistance on the part of the hiring manager. For example, the interviewer might assume someone pursuing a new career failed to achieve success in her previous one. To explain this issue, stress that your decision to switch roles came from a personal desire to fulfill your curiosity and find new challenges in your professional life.

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At Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements, we are passionate about helping job candidates overcome HR objections to land their dream positions. To that end, we work with applicants to prep for interviews by fine-tuning their resumes and discussing answers to common questions. For more information about what we can do for you, call today or contact our team online.