Staffing agencies play an invaluable role in recruiting by connecting companies with the best passive and active job candidates. However, recruiters can’t do their jobs alone. On the contrary, effective staffing relies on a strong recruiting partnership between employers and firms. Here are some tips for building a top-notch relationship with a staffing agency to generate the best business outcomes:

Be Specific About Your Needs

If you want your staffing company to deliver the best job candidates, you need to be clear and direct about your goals. Along with explaining what you want in a candidate, specify your timetable for bringing on a new worker. Additionally, it’s important to communicate with recruiters about the way your organization operates. For example, do you expect employees to work on their own or do your managers tend to oversee operations at all times?

Focus on Culture

It’s not enough to find job candidates who are good matches on paper. The best employees also mesh with the company culture, sharing similar goals and values. For example, if your company is focused on giving back to the community, you will likely want to hire employees who are similarly committed to volunteer work. The last thing you want to do is bring someone in who will fail to jive with current employees or even cause a disturbance.

Update the Agency on Outcomes

The final and most important step in the employer-staffing firm relationship is providing feedback about the experience. After all, you can’t expect recruiters to provide you with the best results every time if you don’t tell them what they’re doing wrong – and right. To ensure a positive outcome, meet with a representative from your staffing firm a couple times a quarter and let them know how new hires are working out.

Choose the Right Staffing Company

Ready to take your business to the next level? By developing relationships with a staffing company, you can ensure all your new hires will be strong matches for your business, both professionally and from a cultural standpoint. Additionally, you can avoid interviewing candidates who aren’t good matches, thereby saving time and money. To learn more about how Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements can help your business, contact us online.

If you’re in the market for a new job, you’ve probably heard about the importance of creating a personal elevator pitch. Short and to the point, these pitches are designed to wow the interviewer while providing valuable insight into your skills and talents as a job candidate. Here are some tips for crafting an elevator pitch that goes beyond the contents of your resume or CV:

Be Clear About Your Objectives

If your pitch doesn’t explain what you’re looking for in a job interview, you’re unlikely to turn heads. When crafting your pitch, focus on the type of work you want to do and the position you hope to hold. And be sure to explain why you’re passionate about this type of position – almost everyone responds to enthusiasm in an employee.

Keep the Listener in Mind

The best elevator pitches are designed with the listener’s needs and goals in mind. Along with conveying your passions and goals, it’s important to acknowledge what the HR professional is seeking. For example, you might want to talk about your years of experience, your reliability, or skills you have that other candidates might not. The goal is to set yourself apart while convincing the interviewer you have what it takes to succeed.

Look at Your Delivery

Of course, even the best-written pitches can fall flat if your delivery is lacking. Some of the most common mistakes among job candidates include speaking too slowly, speaking too quickly, and being overly casual. For example, nervous job seekers often feel the need to fill every pause in the conversation with words like “um” and “like.” Rather than inspiring confidence in interviewers, this tactic makes it seem like you lack confidence. Instead, strong candidates speak at a steady pace and keep their energy levels high.

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Finding talent for high-level positions presents an unusual challenge. After all, posting job ads on Craigslist and other boards might not yield the most desirable results for these types of positions. That’s where Bolder Professional Placements comes in.

A top Denver staffing agency, we specialize in recruiting hard-to-find talent for top positions. Here are some reasons to consider working with a staffing partner to find these types of professionals.

They Understand the Market

One of the best reasons to work with recruiters to find high-level candidates is they have a better understanding of the marketplace. Because of their unique knowledge of specialize markets, recruiters know what types of candidates are out there and what their expectations are with regard to salary and other perks. As a result, they can help you lure top talent away from the competition.

They Can Save You Time

Working with a staffing firm saves your HR team valuable time, allowing it to focus on other crucial issues. Unlike your internal employees, recruitment agencies excel at handling the elements of the hiring process quickly. From checking references to conducting screenings, recruiters can evaluate candidates more quickly and effectively. That means you don’t have to waste time when presented with top candidates.

They Can Save You Money

One of the best reasons to work with a recruiter is it can save money you would have spent on your internal job search. When you’re looking for high-level candidates, it’s important to conduct an exhaustive search – and that takes time and money. A specialized recruiter can handle these tasks for you, so you can focus on what matters – operating your business and making more money.

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The holidays are a magical time when we gather with loved ones to eat, laugh and express thanks for the year’s blessings. However, it’s also a challenging time for companies around the world. Not only do many businesses find themselves dealing with an increase in customers at this time of year, but they also have to make room for employees to take some much-needed time off. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements, Inc.’s tips for keeping your team productive – and your company fully staffed – over the holiday season:

Offer Flexible Hours

It’s only natural your employees want time off to celebrate with family and friends over the holidays. While you might be nervous about dealing with the increase in customers over the Christmas season, it’s important to give your staff the vacation days they are due. When in doubt, consider implementing flexible hours or a schedule that lets employees work from home. That way, staff members can still attend those holiday gatherings and get tasks done when it’s convenient.

Supplement With Temps

Of course, not all employees can do their jobs from home. If you work in retail or a field that involves a lot of customer service, you might want to consider supplementing your staff with temps over the holidays. After all, employees who are forced to work long hours and sacrifice time with families are liable to be angry and frustrated. They might even take their talents to one of your competitors. Additionally, hiring temps means you don’t have to worry about the quality of your products or services suffering just because of the time of year. 

Have a Party

The holidays aren’t just about spending time with family. They’re also a great time to show your employees you value and appreciate them. Along with making sure workers have time off to celebrate, arrange for a special event or two in the office. For example, you can sponsor a special luncheon or after-work happy hour. You can also bake cookies, buy small gifts or arrange a Secret Santa. After all, when employees feel special, they’re more likely to do their best work the rest of the year.

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Most of us start our days with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of our plans. From needy co-workers to frustrated customers, there are numerous reasons you might not be as productive as you hoped. Fortunately, there are strategies to correct the problem. Here are some of the top time-management strategies to make your day more efficient:

Create a Schedule the Night Before

When you arrive at work to find ten new emails and five voicemails waiting, it can be hard to prioritize your day. One of the best ways to master time management is to create a game plan the night before. As you prepare to leave work at the end of one day, create a list of important tasks you want to accomplish the next. This way, you will have a plan of attack in place even before you get to your desk.

Focus on the Task at Hand

When you’re working on a task that isn’t especially engaging, you might be tempted to log on to Facebook or text with your friends. Unfortunately, only devoting half your attention to your work will cost you in the long run. When you aren’t focused on the job at hand, the work ends up taking far longer. For best results, strive to concentrate on the work you’re doing – and schedule time for fun later in the day.

Utilize Time Blocks

If you have a laundry list of tasks to complete, it’s easy to feel like your job is insurmountable. If you’re having trouble getting everything done, start viewing each day as a series of time blocks. Not only do these blocks help motivate you – it’s harder to ignore a task when you know you have only a limited time to accomplish it – but you’ll also feel more productive being able to cross items off your list.

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Managers aren’t the only members of the team who need to possess strong leadership skills. On the contrary, the best companies take steps to develop leadership abilities in all their workers, from the newest intern on up the ladder. Here are some of the key leadership traits for employees at every level, along with tips to help businesses cultivate them:


It’s not enough for managers to be great communicators. They also have to find ways of cultivating good communication skills in their teams. The ability to convey ideas and direction in a way that’s professional, clear, concise and polite will serve employees in all walks of life and aid them in becoming good leaders down the line. To help your workers develop this skill, strive to model positive communication in all your encounters, whether you’re offering positive feedback, leading a meeting or providing criticism.


Confidence is a trait that can benefit employees in all phases of their careers and help them become strong leaders moving forward. When someone seems sure of herself, people are more likely to follow her guidance. One of the best ways to inspire confidence in workers on all rungs of the ladder is to offer a mentorship program in your office. By allowing new workers to shadow more experienced ones, you offer them the opportunity to take on new responsibilities while gaining feedback from those in the know. Not only will these employees gain confidence, you’ll also build valuable connections throughout the office.


Leaders are often hesitant to delegate responsibility – after all, they achieved their positions through a great deal of hard work. However, it’s tough to rise through the ranks of a company – and take on new roles and responsibilities – if you aren’t willing to let go of certain tasks. As a leader, you can help your employees develop this skill by showing a willingness to delegate. Let employees know you trust them while offering help and resources for any problems that may arise.  

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It’s no secret that a company is only as strong as the people it employs. Unfortunately, that means turnover is a serious issue for the average business. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements, Inc.’s top tips to boost team loyalty and keep your employees around for the long haul:

Create a Positive Company Culture

If you want your workers to hang around for the long run, it’s important to make petty personal arguments a thing of the past. Along with insisting employees treat one another with respect, managers should demonstrate positive behavior from the top down. Additionally, avoid calling out workers in front of the rest of the staff, and give positive feedback along with bad.

Don’t Micromanage Workers

Most employees won’t stay at jobs where they feel undervalued. If you constantly micromanage your workforce, your behavior tells them you lack faith in their abilities. This style of management prevents employees from growing their skills and abilities. Rather than look over workers’ shoulders, sit down with them ahead of time to set goals. Then, step back and give them time to do the work.

Encourage Feedback

It’s not enough to provide your workers with regular feedback. You must also offer opportunities for your team to share their thoughts and feelings with you. Employees should feel comfortable telling you about issues with protocol and procedures, as well as problems with other staff members. After all, it’s better they tell you their concerns than share them with others around the office – or go looking for another company with fewer problems.

Hire the Right People

Of course, if you want to avoid loyalty issues, the best strategy is to hire smart from the beginning. A women-owned company, we have been staffing for entry- to high-level administrative, industrial, customer service, technical and professional positions for more than two decades. Whether you need help identifying prospective candidates, conducting the right screening procedures or evaluating employee performance, we can help.

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Congratulations on landing an interview at your dream company – you’ve worked hard and deserve it. However, your job isn’t done yet. Before you can celebrate, you need to take time to prepare for the big day. Here are some tips on avoiding common interview mistakes by doing your homework:

Not Being Passionate

It might seem obvious, but plenty of job candidates make this simple mistake during the interview phase. Of course, you don’t want to enter the interviewer’s office jumping up and down, but showing a little passion for the position can go a long way. To demonstrate you’re truly enthusiastic, wear appropriate, professional clothes and turn off your cell phone prior to the start of the interview. Additionally, asking questions is one of the best ways to show your interest, so take the time to research the company and come up with a few, intelligent queries before the big day.

Demonstrating Bad Body Language

Body language faux pas are a big deal among hiring managers. After all, these people have never met you before and are making snap judgments based on what they see. For best results, take a few minutes to model proper body language in the days leading up to the interview. For example, you can ask a friend to sit with you for a practice interview during which you shake hands firmly, smile and hold eye contact while answering questions.

Not Highlighting Your Achievements

A big mistake among job candidates is failing to list their accomplishments when given the opportunity. Of course, no one wants to come across as a braggart; the goal is to share your success stories at natural moments in the conversation, so brainstorm ways you can steer the discussion in the appropriate direction prior to the interview. Offer concrete examples and numbers whenever possible. If you created documentation that cut training costs by 20 percent at your last job, be prepared to offer up this fact.

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One employee leaving a company is inconvenient. Multiple workers abandoning ship is a disaster scenario. Unfortunately, when it comes to employee turnover, the herd mentality is very real.

From management issues to culture clashes, there are various reasons that a large number of workers might opt to follow one of their co-workers out the door. Here are some tips for talking to your team after a worker resigns and avoiding a mass exodus:

Speak to Employees

If one employee has resigned and you suspect more could follow, schedule a time to speak to the team. Along with discussing the impact on the group, including reallocating resources so no one employee has to take on too much, try to evaluate what company policies might be causing the issue. For example, is a competitor offering workers a higher salary? Or maybe your own management tactics are to blame, and workers feel they don’t have enough freedom to grow or opportunities to advance. Work together to find a solution to the problem before more employees take their leave.

Discuss Hiring Plans

Rather than shut employees out of company hiring plans, strive to include them in this important decision. After all, the people on the ground likely know more about what it takes to succeed and thrive in a position than those in upper management. For best results, sit down with workers to discuss what qualifications and abilities a new employee should possess and determine if anyone on the current team has what it takes. With any luck, you can promote someone from within.

Hire Smart

Of course, the best way to avoid turnover is to hire the right candidates from the start… and to replace those who aren’t strong fits. Leaders in Boulder area staffing solutions, we specialize in finding the right employees for the job the first time, every time. From identifying the best active and passive candidates to performing employee screenings, we do it all for our clients.

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Your employees might say they want an on-site gym or free snacks in the office cafeteria. However, the truth is these types of perks aren’t the most sought-after among workers. On the contrary, studies show employees are more serious when it comes to benefits. Here are some of the most highly desired perks among today’s top talent:

Great Healthcare

Given the current state of healthcare in this country, it’s not surprising that good medical benefits top the list of desired employment perks. And it’s not enough to offer basic healthcare to your employees. The most desirable companies also provide dental care and vision – after all, what good are employees who can’t see well enough to do their work?

Flexible Schedule

The phrase work-life balance is enjoying significant buzz right now, and for good reason. After all, even jobs with the best salaries are hardly worth the effort if they don’t allow you time to spend your wealth. So, it’s only logical that employees would favor flexible scheduling and other benefits that allow them to enjoy some much-needed time off. If you want to lure the best workers away from the competition, consider offering work-from-home options and other perks, such as generous parental leave.

Opportunities for Advancement

It’s not enough to support employees with healthcare and flexible scheduling. If you want to improve the quality of your workforce, offer methods by which they can advance in their careers. These days, many companies offer perks like tuition reimbursement, access to job-training seminars and other opportunities for career development. Additionally, savvy HR teams meet with their workers periodically to discuss career satisfaction and determine if there are options for advancement within the company.

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