Millennial workers have a reputation for job hopping. But the truth is these employees can be highly effective, provided companies know how to manage them in the right way. Here are some tips for successfully managing a millennial workforce while taking advantage of their unique strengths, courtesy of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements

Be a Good Mentor

Millennials are used to relying on their parents and teachers for wise guidance, and many expect the same from their employers. Instead of being an authoritarian boss who only communicates with employees to express consternation, provide workers with leadership and coaching. Millennials are always thinking about what comes next, so offer opportunities for advancement to keep them on your team.

Focus on Company Culture

If you don’t have a strong company culture with a commitment to doing good in the world, you might have trouble landing millennial employees. Millennials are passionate about changing the world, and are unlikely to stay at companies they view as selfish. By building a positive culture and giving back to the community, you can attract this workforce and keep it happy.

Create a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is important to most employees, but it’s especially essential to those classified as millennials. Because most millennials grew up focusing on both academics and extra-curriculars in an effort to get into the best colleges, they expect the same lifestyle in adulthood. For best results, offer your staff the opportunity to work hard and play hard. For example, you could build an on-site gym or offer perks to employees who walk at lunch or join the company softball team.

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Is your business undergoing some changes? If so, you might be wondering how best to discuss the situation with your employees. After all, your workers are the ones on the front lines with customers and clients; if they aren’t on board with the upcoming transformation, you’re unlikely to have the best results. Here are some tips to battle change resistance and encourage your team to get on board:

Focus on the Future

When you’re prepping employees for a big change, you might be tempted to talk about what they need to do to meet your new needs. However, a better policy is to focus on the positive results team members can expect in the future. Instead of dictating rules, create a discussion about this exciting time in your company’s history. The goal is to show your employees why they should be excited about the change instead of fearful or resentful of what’s coming.

Listen to Employee Feedback

If you’re expecting your team to make changes, you need to be prepared for people to have questions – and maybe a few comments, as well. Set up opportunities for your workers to share their feedback, even if it’s negative, and explain why you’re asking them to do something rather than just telling them what to do. For best results, make these conversations two-way and listen as much as you speak.

Provide Training

Some changes can be implemented easily. Others require extensive, and possibly repeated, training. Before judging your employees for failing to make the grade, take time to train them in the new policies. Strive to provide both in-person and written training, so employees can refer to it as needed.

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Once upon a time people acquired jobs by browsing the newspaper ads and calling headhunters. Those days are long past. In the past decade or so, job searching has largely moved online. Not only do candidates need to familiarize themselves with the keywords and phrases related to their desired positions, they must figure out what they really want from a job. Here are some tips for finding a job in the digital era:

Search by Skills

When hunting for a new job, most people tend to type their desired job title in the search bar and hit enter. However, this might not be the best way to find your ideal position. Instead, consider searching by the skills you possess and try to find a job that matches them. After all, job titles change all the time, and you might not even know the name of your dream job. You can also consider adapting your resume to highlight skills you possess rather than positions you held in the past.

Hit the Job Sites

If you’re waiting for a job to come to you, you might be waiting a long time. To land a job in 2018, you likely need to turn to the job boards. Companies ranging from startups to massive corporations advertise their openings online these days, so visiting sites like Monster, Indeed and SimplyHired is pretty much essential. As a bonus, when you find a job online that piques your interest, you can click “similar jobs” to find others you might like.

Know Your Non-Negotiables

Just because it’s easier than ever to apply for jobs in 2018 doesn’t mean you should submit your resume to every position you see. Before hitting the job boards, take a moment to consider your non-negotiables. If a position doesn’t meet your needs, don’t be afraid to move on.

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Companies often assume a slow hiring process can prevent them from hiring the wrong people. Unfortunately, that belief couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, letting your hiring process drag on can cause you to miss out on the best candidates available. Learn more:

Missing Top Candidates

Tired of losing the best job applicants to your competitors? The problem might be you’re taking too long to make hiring decisions. After all, when the best workers enter the job market, they’re quickly flooded with recruiting emails. Some of them are only on the search a matter of days, and if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, it’s likely to pass you by. In the end, you might be forced to hire a candidate who isn’t as skilled just because they are the only one left.

Losing Out on Revenue

Think it’s no big deal to let that position stay open a few weeks? Think again. Not only are vacant positions a drain on your resources, costing you both revenue and productivity, they also impact your current staff. Without new workers around to ease the burden, your employees must take on extra work. If you don’t fill that vacant role soon, you might just find yourself losing more people to your competitors.

Damaging Your Reputation

If you have a habit of dragging your feet when it comes to hiring decisions, it might not only be your employees who suffer; your company could develop a bad reputation because of your ambivalence. These days, it doesn’t take long for news of a company’s bad hiring practices to make the rounds online. You might find people are discussing your business on social media – and your bad brand image is stopping people from submitting applications. For best results, get back to candidates in a timely fashion and don’t hesitate to commit when you find the right man or woman for the job.

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Hiring managers tend to see the interview process as an opportunity to evaluate potential job candidates, weeding out bad fits and zeroing in on those who would make the best additions to a company. Of course, sizing up prospective employees is par for the course. However, if you’re not selling your business to job applicants, you’re likely going to lose out on the best workers. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’s top tips for attracting job candidates by ensuring your interviews truly are two-way streets:

Describe the Position Accurately

You can hardly expect to find the best job candidates if you don’t describe the role clearly and concisely in job ads and during the interview. While companies are often tempted to include a laundry list of qualifications, the truth is the best workers are those with a demonstrated capacity for learning. So, take a look at your job descriptions and see if they reflect not just the technical skills you want but also the personal and professional values you’re seeking. For best results, talk to your department heads and top employees to make sure everyone is on the same page about the role.

Showcase Company Values

Along with describing the position in question, savvy employers take time to showcase the company and its values. The best applicants aren’t just choosing a place to work; they’re also trying to find a business whose goals and values they believe in. Impress candidates by talking about your volunteer initiatives, charitable endeavors and employee perks during the interview.

Highlight Perks

Speaking of perks, the best companies aren’t necessarily the ones who offer the biggest paychecks. On the contrary, today’s employees are looking for solid benefits packages, including flexible schedules, robust healthcare plans and 401(k)s. Instead of just asking what a candidate can do for you, share some of the ways you will support the person who joins your team over the years to come.

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Just because you have top tech skills doesn’t mean you’re ready to land your dream job. On the contrary, today’s employers are increasingly looking for workers with soft skills that help them facilitate relationships, communicate with co-workers and clients, and lead their teams to successful outcomes. Here are some of the most in-demand soft skills in today’s job market, along with tips for demonstrating them in the interview:


One of the most desirable soft skills among employers – and the easiest to demonstrate in your interview – is good communication. And there’s a reason why companies values this trait; after all, employees need to be able to communicate well with one another, as well as with clients and suppliers. Show off this ability during the interview by prepping answers to commonly asked questions. The goal is to seem relaxed rather than anxious or uncertain on the big day.

Problem Solving

The best employees can solve problems ranging from dissatisfied clients to arguments between staff members. And job candidates who can think on their feet are liable to impress hiring managers. If you want to show off your talent in this area, brainstorm some examples of times you solved problems in previous positions and share them during the interview.

Customer Service

Customer service is crucial in a wide range of fields, from office administration to tech support, so it’s no surprise this soft skill is highly prized among today’s employers. To show off your ability in this area, talk about a time in the past when you dealt with a difficult customer on the job. Stress the value of building empathy and listening to the client, and you’re sure to make a positive impression.

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As a hiring manager, you’ve probably been here before: you find a top job candidate only to lose her to one of your competitors. While you can’t win them all, companies that regularly lose out on their first-choice hires might have a problem with their HR departments. Whether you’re looking for administrative, industrial, customer service or tech workers, here are some tips for building the reputation you need to close the deal.

Offer Schedule Flexibility

Landing the best candidates isn’t just about offering the top salary. In fact, millennials in particular tend to favor companies that provide strong benefits packages to their workers. One of the most popular workplace perks these days is a flexible schedule. From allowing employees to work from home to offering four-day workweeks and other options, companies that are flexible can often lure candidates away from higher-paying competitors.

Create a Strong Online Presence

Of course, you can’t recruit the best job candidates if they don’t know you exist. These days, top companies take time to develop modern, easy-to-navigate websites and social media profiles. They also post regular content that is intriguing to their audiences – that means doing more than advertising the latest sales. The goal is to keep people coming back to your Facebook and Twitter pages so they know your company’s name when the time comes to hire.

Communicate the Right Way

The best companies develop a reputation for communicating well with all their job candidates – even those who aren’t ultimately offered the job. For best results, keep applicants appraised of your timeline for decision-making and let them know if you ultimately opt to go a different way. As a job candidate, there’s nothing worse than waiting weeks for the phone to ring. Do your applicants the courtesy of following up and show them and future candidates you’re an employer worth considering.

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A business’ success isn’t determined by the efforts of one individual. On the contrary, the entire team has to work together to achieve company success. That’s one reason today’s employers are asking specifically about teamwork skills when making hiring decisions. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’ top tips for finding job candidates who excel at working with others.

Individual vs. Team Player

If you want to find employees who excel at teamwork, start with the obvious: asking if they prefer working independently or as part of a group. This question might seem simple, but it actually reveals a lot about a potential employee. For example, if someone says he prefers working as an individual, that tells you he may not be comfortable working with others or taking too much instruction from a supervisor. On the other hand, team players might not be as willing to go out on a limb or take the lead on a project. When in doubt, press for more information to get a better feel for an employee’s personality and how he will mesh with the current team.

Examples of Past Successes

Of course, the best measure of future performance is past experience. If you’re wondering how an employee will perform as part of a group, ask her to describe an experience in which she did just that. Encourage the worker to explain her role in the project and how she helped make it a success. The strongest employees will offer tips on how to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive.

Interdepartmental Assignments

Sometimes working within your own department is the easy part – the hard part is collaborating with outsiders. If you truly want to find team players, ask employees about their experiences working with members of other groups or departments to accomplish a goal. Did they encounter any roadblocks? How did they overcome these obstacles? The answers will be revealing.

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These days, hard skills aren’t enough to land your dream job. Employers are also passionate about finding workers who can communicate well and get along with different people, so businesses run more smoothly. Here are some of Bolder Professional Placements’ top tips for showcasing adaptability in the interview in order to boost your odds of landing the job.

Say You’re Flexible

If you want to convey your adaptability to potential employers, start by coming right out and saying you’re a flexible person. Savvy companies know the modern workforce is an ever-changing place, and the best workers are open to switching tactics on short notice. For best results, tell the interviewer that you thrive on multi-tasking and enjoy working with different kinds of people to get the job done.

Give an Example

Of course, it isn’t enough to claim to adapt well in different situations. You also have to demonstrate your ability to be flexible. One way to show off your skills in this arena is to describe a time in the past when you had to change courses on short notice. For example, maybe you had to work with a different department head who didn’t see things the same way you did. Briefly tell the interviewer about the problem and how you solved it by trying something new and going against the grain.

Show a Commitment to Learning

One of the best ways to show you’re flexible is by demonstrating a commitment to continuing education in this area. You might have taken courses to learn about the latest trends or technologies in your industry, so you can come up with better and more sophisticated solutions to problems. Not only does this show employers you’re flexible, but it also reveals a passion for what you do – and that’s always a positive.

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There’s more to a job than a good salary and robust benefits package. If you don’t enjoy the work you’re doing – and feel comfortable in the environment where you’re doing it – you likely won’t stay in the position for long. A leader in employee staffing solutions, Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements helps candidates find positions that meet their needs and wants. Here are some key factors in determining whether a work environment will suit you long term:

Work Style

Your work environment plays a key role in your overall career happiness. To that end, you should consider the type of office you want to work in along with the job you want to do. For example, would you be happy working in a cubicle in the middle of 20 people? Or do you need your own peaceful office to be productive? Think about both the environment you desire and the supervision you require to do your best work.

Company Culture

It’s hard to be happy in a job if you don’t enjoy the company culture. While some workers revel in spending time with co-workers outside work, attending happy hours and other social occasions, others have busy lives that offer little time for socializing. Additionally, some workers are more comfortable completing assignments as part of a team, while others prefer independent responsibility. Before accepting a new position, it’s wise to determine whether the company culture will mesh with your preferences or leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable.


Of course, some people are more adaptable in terms of their workplace preferences. They might enjoy working with others sometimes and working independently at others and prefer jobs that allow them to learn and try new things. If you fall into this category, be sure to let interviewers know; the odds are they’ll appreciate it.

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