As a professional placement company, we believe our role goes beyond helping employers find top-notch job candidates. We’re also passionate about assisting businesses in achieving their goals over the long term, and that means fostering a company culture that prioritizes innovation. After all, businesses that hope to grow need to view change as an opportunity rather than a burden. Here are our tips for encouraging innovation in a traditionally staid corporate culture:

Offer Rewards and Reinforcement

If you want your employees to take an active role in innovation, it’s crucial to encourage this type of behavior. Start by asking workers to be innovative about how they handle daily tasks. Are there opportunities to expedite procedures or do things in a different way? Don’t be afraid to reward workers for their good ideas. For example, companies like Zappos make gift giving and increased compensation standard protocol for innovators.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

If you want your employees to innovate, it’s crucial to be open to their ideas and suggestions. When a worker proposes something, be it a time-saving measuring or a new product line, avoid responding immediately with a yes or no. Instead, take time to process their ideas before jumping to conclusions. Being too reactive can shut down innovative thinking before it starts and discourage workers from speaking up in the future.

Take Care With Delegation

There’s a tendency for hiring managers to assign tasks to whichever worker has the most free time or the greatest talent for the job in question. However, doing so can mean boring the very people you’re trying to challenge. If you want your workers to devise new and exciting ideas, start to think about delegation in a different way.

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