Are you in need of someone to take ownership and achieve results? Sometimes the superstar employee you seek is right under your nose and simply needs a little training. However, in other cases, you have to look outside the organization to find the workers who can help your company soar. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc.’s top tips for deciding whether to recruit or promote from within:

Save Money by Training Current Workers

Training current workers rather than hiring new ones can be a great way to save on onboarding costs. After all, new workers need to be screened, interviewed, trained and onboarded, processes that take up valuable time and eat up resources. With research revealing that replacing a worker can cost 50 percent of their salary, it’s only logical to consider promoting from within, assuming someone around you has the skills necessary to do the job.

Save Money by Hiring Outside the Company

Of course, sometimes hiring outside the company is the cheaper and more expedient route. Training employees who aren’t up to the task at hand can be stressful on managers and current staff who must do double duty to make up for the lack of support. As a result, you might end up losing more people during the process and wind up back where you started: searching for new workers.

How to Evaluate Potential

When it comes to choosing between new and current employees, the best managers know how to evaluate candidate potential. Just because an employee is currently doing one job for you doesn’t mean he can’t transition to another role with aplomb. Similarly, someone you hire from outside could be just what your company needs. Learn to evaluate not just a worker’s accomplishments, but also their potential to determine the correct path forward for your business.

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Training from within can be a great way to save money while showing your existing team you value their services. However, if time is of the essence or you simply don’t have any employees with the necessary mindset, consider turning to a recruiter like Bolder Staffing, Inc. A leader in Denver-area staffing, we help a range of companies find successful workers for all their open positions. To learn more about our services, call today or schedule an appointment online.