Empathy isn’t just important for us as a society. It’s also an important quality to have in the workplace. Not only does empathy keep relationships running efficiently, preventing arguments and conflicts, it can also provide valuable insight into workers’ motives and customers’ goals. Learn more about why it’s important to evaluate a candidate’s empathy when making hiring decisions.

Locate Leaders

The best leaders are empathetic individuals who can connect with employees on a deeper level. Additionally, the ability to be empathetic means a greater capacity to connect with customers and shareholders, anticipating their wants and fears. If you’re looking for your next great manager, find out if the candidate in question truly cares about the people around her.

Boost Productivity

Did you know that people tend to work harder when they’re doing something good? Hiring empathetic people can actually boost productivity at your business, as these people may be more motivated to do a good job. In fact, researchers have found that people in a variety of fields, from fundraising to agriculture, actually work harder after reading stories about how their work helps others. By choosing workers who are empathetic, you might be doing your bottom line a favor.

Improve Customer Relations

No company can stay in business for long without a loyal customer base. Fortunately, hiring empathetic employees can boost customer relations, as research reveals that most people judge service quality based on human interaction. By hiring the types of people who care about others, you might just increase perceived product quality in the minds of consumers. The end result is better word of mouth and more sales for your business.

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