Searching for your next great admin? If so, you might be wondering how to separate top-quality employees from those whose skills and experience are lacking. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we know how essential administrative workers are to your company’s success. Here are some of the questions we ask administrative prospects as part of our own hiring endeavors; hopefully they’ll be helpful in guiding your company’s staffing efforts moving forward.

How Have You Demonstrated Discretion?

Admins and secretaries are often privy to sensitive information as part of doing their jobs. With that in mind, hiring managers need to find job candidates who understand discretion. To get a feel for how a prospective employee handles delicate situations, ask about a time they had to be discrete on the job. The idea is to look for candidates who have an understanding of what counts as sensitive and the creativity needed to work through challenging problems.

What Computer Programs Have You Used?

To be an effective admin, an employee likely needs to have at least moderate computer skills. And at certain companies, being familiar with programs like Outlook and Microsoft Office isn’t enough to guarantee success. If you’re wondering whether a job candidate is skilled enough to succeed in the role, ask about experience with Excel, Access and any administrative software your company uses.

How Have You Dealt With a Difficult Colleague?

Interpersonal conflicts in the workplace are just a fact of life. After all, your employees have to deal with deadlines and other stressors that tend to result in short tempers. While getting riled on occasion is natural, hiring managers should seek out team members who are adept at managing stress. Ask job candidates to describe a time they had to deal with a workplace conflict. The goal is to determine whether they have the social skills needed to succeed.

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