The best managers aren’t just focused on the bottom line. They’re also interested in grooming their employees for potential leadership roles down the line. To help your workers succeed, you have to find ways of developing their unique skills while ensuring they don’t feel bored or stagnant in their current roles. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’ tips for building leadership at every level:

Teach Management From Your Own Experience

One of the best ways to build leadership in young workers is to encourage them to take on new roles and responsibilities. For example, as you hand out assignments, consider what skills employees will likely need to enhance if they want to climb the ladder. The goal is to show workers what it takes to succeed in a managerial role and provide opportunities to practice these skills now.

Be a Mentor

If you want to invest in your employees, strive to provide mentors within the organization. Not only should mentors be available to discuss workplace challenges and career goals, they should also be willing to spend time with mentees outside the office. For example, a mentor could organize a weekly lunch or a monthly book club in which the topics concern leadership and issues related to your specific business. The idea is to create well-rounded leaders who are already invested in the company.

Consider Rotating Workers

If you want your managers to be able to lead by example, make sure they understand the different roles within the company. With that in mind, you might want to consider rotating workers into various positions at the business. Having employees switch roles for even a few days gives them the chance to learn and grow. Additionally, this tactic helps workers relate to one another and resolve differences with calmness and compassion.

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