Whether you’re looking for your first job or just seeking a change from the status quo, you might be thinking of contacting a recruiter to aid in your search. And while staffing specialists can certainly help you find your dream job, not all companies are created equal. Moreover, employees need to know what they want and how to communicate that information to recruiters in order to have a successful experience. Here are some tips for job seekers working with a recruiter for the first time:

Know What You Want to Do

If you want your first experience with a recruiter to be a positive one, it’s important to go in with a clear understanding of your goals. After all, you can’t expect your recruiter to find your dream job if you don’t know what it is. Just as importantly, job seekers should know what they don’t want to do. If you aren’t interested in relocating, don’t encourage your recruiter to apply for jobs outside the immediate area.

Show You Know the Basics

When recruiters recommend you for positions, they’re vouching for your skills and abilities. Hence, as a job candidate, you need to persuade the recruiter you’re a safe bet. Use your first moments in a phone call or in-person interview to sell yourself, stressing general requirements over more technical abilities and qualifications. The goal is to sell your strengths so the recruiter is excited about presenting you to potential employers.

Find a Recruiter You Can Trust

Of course, it doesn’t matter how connected your recruiter is if you don’t feel comfortable with the job choices they are making. If you aren’t satisfied with the direction a recruiter is taking your career, don’t be afraid to voice your opposition. If the recruiter doesn’t listen, move on to another staffing company that better suits your goals.

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