Wondering why you’re not attracting a better crop of job candidates for your open positions? The problem might not be the salary you’re offering but other factors related to your company’s brand and reputation. Find out what today’s job candidates really want and how you can give it to them.

Effective Job Postings

It doesn’t matter how exciting your job opportunities are if you can’t create effective posting to advertise them. It’s not enough to include basics like job requirements and salary. On the contrary, workers are often looking for the intangibles about a position, such as cool in-office perks and day-to-day particulars. Additionally, avoid posting a laundry list of required job skills, as this can turn away talented employees you could easily train after bringing them on board.

Opportunities for Advancement

When advertising job openings and interviewing candidates, don’t forget to talk about opportunities for advancement. Today’s candidates aren’t just interested in salary and benefits; they also want to know about the growth and development opportunities that can help them achieve their goals in the coming years. For best results, highlight perks like mentorship programs and continuing education reimbursement.

Work/Life Balance

Of course, not everything is about the work. Millennial employees in particular are passionate about jobs that offer a strong work/life balance. While you might not be able to let your employees work from home every day, you can still offer perks like flexible hours and the occasional team lunch to boost morale. Companies also improve their brand reputations by providing on-site gym access or offering discounts for memberships.

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