Millennial workers have a reputation for job hopping. But the truth is these employees can be highly effective, provided companies know how to manage them in the right way. Here are some tips for successfully managing a millennial workforce while taking advantage of their unique strengths, courtesy of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements

Be a Good Mentor

Millennials are used to relying on their parents and teachers for wise guidance, and many expect the same from their employers. Instead of being an authoritarian boss who only communicates with employees to express consternation, provide workers with leadership and coaching. Millennials are always thinking about what comes next, so offer opportunities for advancement to keep them on your team.

Focus on Company Culture

If you don’t have a strong company culture with a commitment to doing good in the world, you might have trouble landing millennial employees. Millennials are passionate about changing the world, and are unlikely to stay at companies they view as selfish. By building a positive culture and giving back to the community, you can attract this workforce and keep it happy.

Create a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is important to most employees, but it’s especially essential to those classified as millennials. Because most millennials grew up focusing on both academics and extra-curriculars in an effort to get into the best colleges, they expect the same lifestyle in adulthood. For best results, offer your staff the opportunity to work hard and play hard. For example, you could build an on-site gym or offer perks to employees who walk at lunch or join the company softball team.

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