Once upon a time people acquired jobs by browsing the newspaper ads and calling headhunters. Those days are long past. In the past decade or so, job searching has largely moved online. Not only do candidates need to familiarize themselves with the keywords and phrases related to their desired positions, they must figure out what they really want from a job. Here are some tips for finding a job in the digital era:

Search by Skills

When hunting for a new job, most people tend to type their desired job title in the search bar and hit enter. However, this might not be the best way to find your ideal position. Instead, consider searching by the skills you possess and try to find a job that matches them. After all, job titles change all the time, and you might not even know the name of your dream job. You can also consider adapting your resume to highlight skills you possess rather than positions you held in the past.

Hit the Job Sites

If you’re waiting for a job to come to you, you might be waiting a long time. To land a job in 2018, you likely need to turn to the job boards. Companies ranging from startups to massive corporations advertise their openings online these days, so visiting sites like Monster, Indeed and SimplyHired is pretty much essential. As a bonus, when you find a job online that piques your interest, you can click “similar jobs” to find others you might like.

Know Your Non-Negotiables

Just because it’s easier than ever to apply for jobs in 2018 doesn’t mean you should submit your resume to every position you see. Before hitting the job boards, take a moment to consider your non-negotiables. If a position doesn’t meet your needs, don’t be afraid to move on.

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