Is your business undergoing some changes? If so, you might be wondering how best to discuss the situation with your employees. After all, your workers are the ones on the front lines with customers and clients; if they aren’t on board with the upcoming transformation, you’re unlikely to have the best results. Here are some tips to battle change resistance and encourage your team to get on board:

Focus on the Future

When you’re prepping employees for a big change, you might be tempted to talk about what they need to do to meet your new needs. However, a better policy is to focus on the positive results team members can expect in the future. Instead of dictating rules, create a discussion about this exciting time in your company’s history. The goal is to show your employees why they should be excited about the change instead of fearful or resentful of what’s coming.

Listen to Employee Feedback

If you’re expecting your team to make changes, you need to be prepared for people to have questions – and maybe a few comments, as well. Set up opportunities for your workers to share their feedback, even if it’s negative, and explain why you’re asking them to do something rather than just telling them what to do. For best results, make these conversations two-way and listen as much as you speak.

Provide Training

Some changes can be implemented easily. Others require extensive, and possibly repeated, training. Before judging your employees for failing to make the grade, take time to train them in the new policies. Strive to provide both in-person and written training, so employees can refer to it as needed.

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