As a hiring manager, you’ve probably been here before: you find a top job candidate only to lose her to one of your competitors. While you can’t win them all, companies that regularly lose out on their first-choice hires might have a problem with their HR departments. Whether you’re looking for administrative, industrial, customer service or tech workers, here are some tips for building the reputation you need to close the deal.

Offer Schedule Flexibility

Landing the best candidates isn’t just about offering the top salary. In fact, millennials in particular tend to favor companies that provide strong benefits packages to their workers. One of the most popular workplace perks these days is a flexible schedule. From allowing employees to work from home to offering four-day workweeks and other options, companies that are flexible can often lure candidates away from higher-paying competitors.

Create a Strong Online Presence

Of course, you can’t recruit the best job candidates if they don’t know you exist. These days, top companies take time to develop modern, easy-to-navigate websites and social media profiles. They also post regular content that is intriguing to their audiences – that means doing more than advertising the latest sales. The goal is to keep people coming back to your Facebook and Twitter pages so they know your company’s name when the time comes to hire.

Communicate the Right Way

The best companies develop a reputation for communicating well with all their job candidates – even those who aren’t ultimately offered the job. For best results, keep applicants appraised of your timeline for decision-making and let them know if you ultimately opt to go a different way. As a job candidate, there’s nothing worse than waiting weeks for the phone to ring. Do your applicants the courtesy of following up and show them and future candidates you’re an employer worth considering.

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