Hiring managers tend to see the interview process as an opportunity to evaluate potential job candidates, weeding out bad fits and zeroing in on those who would make the best additions to a company. Of course, sizing up prospective employees is par for the course. However, if you’re not selling your business to job applicants, you’re likely going to lose out on the best workers. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’s top tips for attracting job candidates by ensuring your interviews truly are two-way streets:

Describe the Position Accurately

You can hardly expect to find the best job candidates if you don’t describe the role clearly and concisely in job ads and during the interview. While companies are often tempted to include a laundry list of qualifications, the truth is the best workers are those with a demonstrated capacity for learning. So, take a look at your job descriptions and see if they reflect not just the technical skills you want but also the personal and professional values you’re seeking. For best results, talk to your department heads and top employees to make sure everyone is on the same page about the role.

Showcase Company Values

Along with describing the position in question, savvy employers take time to showcase the company and its values. The best applicants aren’t just choosing a place to work; they’re also trying to find a business whose goals and values they believe in. Impress candidates by talking about your volunteer initiatives, charitable endeavors and employee perks during the interview.

Highlight Perks

Speaking of perks, the best companies aren’t necessarily the ones who offer the biggest paychecks. On the contrary, today’s employees are looking for solid benefits packages, including flexible schedules, robust healthcare plans and 401(k)s. Instead of just asking what a candidate can do for you, share some of the ways you will support the person who joins your team over the years to come.

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