These days, hard skills aren’t enough to land your dream job. Employers are also passionate about finding workers who can communicate well and get along with different people, so businesses run more smoothly. Here are some of Bolder Professional Placements’ top tips for showcasing adaptability in the interview in order to boost your odds of landing the job.

Say You’re Flexible

If you want to convey your adaptability to potential employers, start by coming right out and saying you’re a flexible person. Savvy companies know the modern workforce is an ever-changing place, and the best workers are open to switching tactics on short notice. For best results, tell the interviewer that you thrive on multi-tasking and enjoy working with different kinds of people to get the job done.

Give an Example

Of course, it isn’t enough to claim to adapt well in different situations. You also have to demonstrate your ability to be flexible. One way to show off your skills in this arena is to describe a time in the past when you had to change courses on short notice. For example, maybe you had to work with a different department head who didn’t see things the same way you did. Briefly tell the interviewer about the problem and how you solved it by trying something new and going against the grain.

Show a Commitment to Learning

One of the best ways to show you’re flexible is by demonstrating a commitment to continuing education in this area. You might have taken courses to learn about the latest trends or technologies in your industry, so you can come up with better and more sophisticated solutions to problems. Not only does this show employers you’re flexible, but it also reveals a passion for what you do – and that’s always a positive.

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