A business’ success isn’t determined by the efforts of one individual. On the contrary, the entire team has to work together to achieve company success. That’s one reason today’s employers are asking specifically about teamwork skills when making hiring decisions. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’ top tips for finding job candidates who excel at working with others.

Individual vs. Team Player

If you want to find employees who excel at teamwork, start with the obvious: asking if they prefer working independently or as part of a group. This question might seem simple, but it actually reveals a lot about a potential employee. For example, if someone says he prefers working as an individual, that tells you he may not be comfortable working with others or taking too much instruction from a supervisor. On the other hand, team players might not be as willing to go out on a limb or take the lead on a project. When in doubt, press for more information to get a better feel for an employee’s personality and how he will mesh with the current team.

Examples of Past Successes

Of course, the best measure of future performance is past experience. If you’re wondering how an employee will perform as part of a group, ask her to describe an experience in which she did just that. Encourage the worker to explain her role in the project and how she helped make it a success. The strongest employees will offer tips on how to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive.

Interdepartmental Assignments

Sometimes working within your own department is the easy part – the hard part is collaborating with outsiders. If you truly want to find team players, ask employees about their experiences working with members of other groups or departments to accomplish a goal. Did they encounter any roadblocks? How did they overcome these obstacles? The answers will be revealing.

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