If you’re in the market for a new job, you’ve probably heard about the importance of creating a personal elevator pitch. Short and to the point, these pitches are designed to wow the interviewer while providing valuable insight into your skills and talents as a job candidate. Here are some tips for crafting an elevator pitch that goes beyond the contents of your resume or CV:

Be Clear About Your Objectives

If your pitch doesn’t explain what you’re looking for in a job interview, you’re unlikely to turn heads. When crafting your pitch, focus on the type of work you want to do and the position you hope to hold. And be sure to explain why you’re passionate about this type of position – almost everyone responds to enthusiasm in an employee.

Keep the Listener in Mind

The best elevator pitches are designed with the listener’s needs and goals in mind. Along with conveying your passions and goals, it’s important to acknowledge what the HR professional is seeking. For example, you might want to talk about your years of experience, your reliability, or skills you have that other candidates might not. The goal is to set yourself apart while convincing the interviewer you have what it takes to succeed.

Look at Your Delivery

Of course, even the best-written pitches can fall flat if your delivery is lacking. Some of the most common mistakes among job candidates include speaking too slowly, speaking too quickly, and being overly casual. For example, nervous job seekers often feel the need to fill every pause in the conversation with words like “um” and “like.” Rather than inspiring confidence in interviewers, this tactic makes it seem like you lack confidence. Instead, strong candidates speak at a steady pace and keep their energy levels high.

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