Most of us start our days with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of our plans. From needy co-workers to frustrated customers, there are numerous reasons you might not be as productive as you hoped. Fortunately, there are strategies to correct the problem. Here are some of the top time-management strategies to make your day more efficient:

Create a Schedule the Night Before

When you arrive at work to find ten new emails and five voicemails waiting, it can be hard to prioritize your day. One of the best ways to master time management is to create a game plan the night before. As you prepare to leave work at the end of one day, create a list of important tasks you want to accomplish the next. This way, you will have a plan of attack in place even before you get to your desk.

Focus on the Task at Hand

When you’re working on a task that isn’t especially engaging, you might be tempted to log on to Facebook or text with your friends. Unfortunately, only devoting half your attention to your work will cost you in the long run. When you aren’t focused on the job at hand, the work ends up taking far longer. For best results, strive to concentrate on the work you’re doing – and schedule time for fun later in the day.

Utilize Time Blocks

If you have a laundry list of tasks to complete, it’s easy to feel like your job is insurmountable. If you’re having trouble getting everything done, start viewing each day as a series of time blocks. Not only do these blocks help motivate you – it’s harder to ignore a task when you know you have only a limited time to accomplish it – but you’ll also feel more productive being able to cross items off your list.

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