The advent of online job searching means many workers assume they can find their own positions. Unfortunately, just because you can find your dream positions on sites like and Craigslist doesn’t mean you can land an interview. If you’re having trouble securing a job offer, find out if one of these outdated job search tactics could be to blame:

Only Applying Online

Just because you can apply for that sweet job online doesn’t mean you should. After all, modern recruiters receive hundreds if not thousands of applicants for every open position, and many of these resumes go immediately into the trash folders. If you want to rise above, sometimes it pays to find out who the hiring manager is and email them directly. This allows you to include some personal details you might not have put in your resume.

Sending Out Form Letters

Think you’ll increase your odds of landing a job by sending out more applications? Unfortunately, emailing a form cover letter and resume to a few dozen companies only boosts your chances of receiving more rejection letters. If you want to impress the people making hiring decisions, create customized letters that reference key words and phrases from the job ad. Put more effort into a few applications, and you’ll likely see better results.

Not Working With a Recruiter

Job seekers sometimes assume strong employment candidates don’t need to work with recruiters. On the contrary, a good recruiter can help you rise above the competition, landing both the job offer and your desired salary. Recruiters are particularly important when you’re switching careers or applying for a particularly desirable position.

Trust Bolder Staffing, Inc. With Your Job Search

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