Your team might not be blasting loud music or pounding beers at their desks. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t burdened by workplace distractions. As a manager, you might even be taking steps that distract your employees and hold them back from completing work on schedule. Here are some of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements’ tips for identifying common employee distractions and taking steps to avoid them:

Lack of Breaks

Ironically, if your workers aren’t taking enough breaks, they might be less productive over the course of the day. After all, no one can stare at a computer screen for eight hours without a rest. From long lunches to coffee breaks and walks around the neighborhood, encourage employees to take a little time during the day to relax and recharge. When they get back to work, they’ll be able to view tasks with a fresh eye.

Lack of Goals

Employees tend to work harder and more efficiently when they have clear goals in place. To keep workers on task, sit down with them once a month or so to talk about both long- and short-term goals. You can even ask them to post about their objectives on social media as a way of staying on point or offer rewards to those who meet and exceed expectations.

Impromptu Meetings

Of course, it’s no secret frequent meetings can be serious time wasters. However, you might not know that impromptu meetings are just as distracting. To avoid this problem, give employees a heads up about what topics will be covered in upcoming discussions. Encourage them to come prepared to ask questions or share comments and minimize the time spent sitting around.

Optimize Your Hiring With Help From Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements

From hiring the wrong teammates to scheduling too many meetings, there are numerous reasons your workers might be distracted on the job. Luckily, Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements is here to help you succeed. To find out more about how to cut down on downtime and improve productivity in the office, call today or schedule an appointment with our staffers.