Just because a prospective employee looks good on paper doesn’t mean they will fit in seamlessly with the existing team. Before taking on a new hire, it’s important to make sure this person will mesh with current employees and bring something valuable to the workplace mix. Here are some questions hiring managers can ask to determine if a candidate will fit in successfully with the company culture:

What Is Your Work Style?

While some employees prefer to handle assignments independently, others need strong leaders who will hold them accountable. If your current staff tends to be very hands off, they might not know what to do with a worker fresh out of college who needs a great deal of guidance on a daily basis.

What Do You Love About Your Job?

This question gives you an idea of an employee’s strengths and preferences and helps you assess whether the individual will be happy at your company down the line. Additionally, an employee who can’t think of anything positive to say about a previous job might be a little too negative to mesh with your current workplace vibe.

What Values Should Your Employer Display?

These days, many employees don’t want a job that just pays the bills. They also want to feel good about the company they work for. To assess a candidate’s cultural fit, find out what the individual values in an employer. If the person is seeking a company that gives back to the community and your business regularly donates to charity, that’s a sign this could be a good match all around. The goal is to get a job applicant talking and find out what values drive them to work hard and succeed.

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