In the course of your job search, you’ve probably considered the myriad of reasons an employer should bring you on board. However, you might not have thought about why companies shouldn’t hire you. It might seem counterintuitive, but assessing your negative attributes can put you in a better position come interview day. Here are some reasons an employer might reject you, along with our tips for addressing them during the interview process.

Gaps on Your Resume

There’s no shame in having the occasional gap on your resume – however, the hiring manager you’re meeting with might not see it that way. For best results, avoid lying and make it a point to explain any large holes in your employment history. In most cases, companies respect candidates who are honest about the time they took off to care for children or nurse a sick relative.

Frequent Job Switches

It’s becoming less and less common for employees to hold one or two jobs over the course of a career. Instead, many workers jump from company to company in search of superior pay, more flexible schedules or greater challenges. While job hopping isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to let prospective employers know the reasons you decided to move around. When in doubt, focus on the positives, such as the ability to adapt to new positions or the skills you’ve gained along the way.

Career Change

If you’re trying to land a position in a new field, you might encounter some resistance on the part of the hiring manager. For example, the interviewer might assume someone pursuing a new career failed to achieve success in her previous one. To explain this issue, stress that your decision to switch roles came from a personal desire to fulfill your curiosity and find new challenges in your professional life.

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