Of course, companies want their employees to stay healthy. Not only is encouraging wellness the right thing to do, it also prevents workers from getting sick and missing work. However, you might not realize that boosting employee health and wellness can also have a significant effect on career performance, improving productivity for your business. Here are some of our tips for increasing employee wellness at your company:

Focus on Health

You can’t prevent your employees from coming into contact with germs outside the workplace, but you can take steps to improve health conditions in your office. Start by placing hand washing stations or containers of sanitizer at high-traffic locations throughout the office. You can also send out an email encouraging workers to practice good hygiene and if possible, work from home when sick. Finally, companies should consider offering flu shots on-site or discounts on flu vaccines to employees who would like to take part.

Offer Gym Discounts

It’s no secret that physical fitness is a crucial part of overall wellness. If you don’t have the space to build an on-site gym for your employees, consider offering full or partial reimbursement for gym memberships. Employees who work out and demonstrate good fitness tend to get sick less. If that’s not in the budget, consider giving employees a break during the day, so they can take a walk without skipping their lunch hours.

Provide Healthy Snacks

You might think your company is being kind by offering free snacks in the kitchen. However, if you’re stuffing your employees full of sugary and salty snacks, you’re not doing them any favors. Think about replacing those cookies and chips with healthier options, like apples, almonds and grapes. And supply bottled water instead of calorie-rich sodas and juices. In the long run, they’ll thank you.

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