Whether you work part time or full time, the odds are good you’ve experienced an employee evaluation on occasion. And while these conversations can be awkward, they help workers develop their skills and determine what steps they need to take to climb the career ladder.

Even if your company doesn’t offer regular reviews, you might want to take the initiative and perform your own self-evaluation. Here are some tips on how evaluating your performance can help you set personal goals and achieve success on the job.

Start With Achievements

When sitting down to assess yourself, don’t forget to think about the things you’ve done right over the years. Instead of starting with failures, focus on achievements, such as sales goals met or improvements made. The idea is to boost your own self-confidence while ensuring you have plenty of material available to impress the boss if needed.

Move on to Goals

Of course, self-evaluating means assessing weaknesses as well as strengths. After all, you can’t make improvements in life or work without acknowledging there are things you could be doing better. Instead of criticizing yourself for these failings, aim to see them as opportunities. Ask yourself not only how you can be better, but how you can change your role at the company in the coming years. For example, you might want to streamline your responsibilities or hand some off to another member of the team if appropriate.

Look to the Future

When evaluating your work performance, take time to assess your plan for the long term. Think about your career, either at your current company or the one you want to be with in a year’s time. It might be you need to go back to school, work on your resume or work with a recruiter to discuss possible positions in your field.

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