Few people like change – on the contrary, most of us are comfortable in our routines and resist anything that goes against the norm. Still, there are ways to minimize the stress and uncertainty of change and ensure a smoother outcome for all involved.

Here are some tips for communicating more effectively in order to prepare your team for changes at work:

Understand That People Fear Change

If you want to make sure your employees respond well to changes in the workplace, start by recognizing the fact that people fear change. As a manager, you can ease the anxiety by facing organizational resistance head-on rather than expecting workers to fall in line. Be clear on the fact you understand their fears and frustrations and reassure them you plan to support them through the overhaul.

Focus on the Whys

No one likes learning their life is changing without their consent. However, people like this even less when they don’t know why the shifts are occurring. To minimize the impact of workplace changes, start by explaining the need for the adjustment. Whether you’re hiring new staff members or laying off people who no longer fit the company’s organizational model, make sure your employees understand what factors brought you to that decision. And don’t expect instant results – getting people on board with the new protocol always takes time.

Ask for Feedback

It’s not enough to tell employees to change their ways – savvy employers also ask for opinions and feedback in the wake of a company shift. If you don’t want workers to sulk or complain behind your back, give them a chance to air their feelings in front of you. Not only does this allow you to head off objections quickly, it also shows employees you care about their feelings and genuinely want them to be happy at work.

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