There are many reasons you might be absent from the workplace for a lengthy period. You may have taken time off for parental leave, suffered a personal loss, got laid off or be struggling to find a job that suits you.

Here are some tips to jump back into the workplace successfully after long-term unemployment:

Focus Your Efforts

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, you might be tempted to apply for every job on However, the truth is focusing your search will yield better results. Start by creating a resume and cover letter that reflect your skills, abilities and goals; then tailor both documents to the individual jobs. The idea is to choose a direction and a job focus that reflects who you are as a person and what you can do better than anyone else.

Know Your Story

You don’t need to tell a hiring manager your life story, or make up a dramatic, pity-inducing tale to explain your recent unemployment. However, the odds are good potential employers will want to know why you’ve been out of the workforce. For best results, rehearse your explanation in advance and make sure it’s concise. For example, you might want to say you’re looking to get into a new field and wanted to focus on improving your skills in a particular area in order to do so.

Talk to a Recruiter

The best way to minimize the time you spend unemployed is to work with a skilled recruiter who knows your industry. A knowledgeable staffing professional can advise you on skills to acquire, certifications and degrees to obtain, and ways to shore up your resume.  Plus recruiters know what companies are hiring and when, so they can get you in the door when it counts.

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