Introverts sometimes get a bad reputation in the job market. However, the truth is reserved job seekers can be just as successful, if not more so, than their more outgoing counterparts. Here are some tips to show off your strengths and make a great impression in your next interview:

Celebrate Your Successes

One way to overcome your shyness in a job interview is to focus on your achievements. After all, it’s easy to talk about yourself when the subject is something you know well, like your own career. Discuss on-the-job achievements, using numbers and specifics whenever possible. Concentrating on your strengths also enables you to keep your anxiety at bay during a stressful time.

Send a Follow-Up Note

Sending a thank-you note is standard protocol after a job interview. However, these messages aren’t only for expressing gratitude. As an introvert, you can also include any details you forgot to convey in the interview. While you don’t want to write out a laundry list of achievements, feel free to add a message like, “In reference to your question, I wanted to add one point…”

Prepare Questions, Not Just Answers

Hiring managers are used to hearing questions about vacation time and salary. However, they don’t always get thoughtful questions that show the job candidate spent time researching the company. Fortunately, introverts tend to be good at doing their homework. Before your next interview, take the time to prep some intelligent questions about the business. For example, you could ask about the business’ long-term goals or how it gives back to its community. 

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