When an employee makes an error at work, you might be tempted to take your frustration out on him. However, the truth is praise is far more impactful than criticism when it comes to helping your team learn and grow. Here are some tips for using constructive criticism to manage your workforce effectively, courtesy of Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements.

Positivity Leads to Empowerment

Being positive and praising employees tends to work far better than speaking to them in a way that’s overly negative. After all, psychology tells us people experiencing negative emotions like fear and stress tend to suffer reduced cognitive abilities as a result. On the other hand, those who are feeling positive emotions perform better and have improved concentration. Hence, praising your employees might just help them be better at their jobs.

Praise Is More Likely to Affect Outcomes

It’s hard to absorb what someone is saying if her tone is overly critical. If you want employees to listen to what you say, avoid going on the offensive. Instead of launching attacks, strive to praise before you criticize and improve the odds of workers being receptive to your suggestions.

Focusing on Solutions Improves Results

Haranguing your employees with a list of critiques is unlikely to lead to good solutions. After all, when all you do is point out problems, you don’t encourage employees to come up with solutions; you only inspire them to defend themselves. If you want your teammates to come up with workarounds, make sure your feedback is constructive. For example, you can point out a problem and ask the employee to suggest fixes based on their unique experience or skill set.

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