We’ve all been there. After going on a (seemingly) great job interview, we sit around for days waiting for a phone call that never comes. Not hearing back after a job interview is frustrating to say the least. However, if the employer doesn’t call, it’s not necessarily a sign you made an interview faux pas. Here are some reasons a recruiter might not get back to you immediately after an interview:

They’re Not That Into You

You’ve heard the saying in reference to the dating world, but it’s also true in recruitment. Sometimes a hiring manager doesn’t return your calls or get back to you about an open position because they simply weren’t that into you. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or even a poor interview subject – the boss might just have decided to go in a different direction.

Interviews Are Ongoing

Sometimes hiring managers don’t get back to job candidates right away because the interview process is ongoing. It’s annoying, but you might only be the first person of 50 the company plans to interview for an open slot. If you haven’t heard back after a week or so, don’t hesitate to send a breezy email asking if a decision has been made. If nothing else, you’ll remind the interviewer of your interest and enthusiasm for the role.

They’re No Longer Hiring

If the hiring manager didn’t get back to you, it might not be because you blew it in the interview. It might be because the company is no longer hiring. In some cases, funding for a position falls through, and the business opts not to hire someone after all. In other cases, the company promotes from within or decides to move responsibilities around. Don’t take it personally when a company neglects to make an offer.

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