How do you think your employees would rate your leadership skills on a scale of 1 to 10? If you don’t listen as much as you talk in conversations with workers, the odds are good they’d give you a low score. In fact, the best bosses recognize that listening well is key to supervising your teammates and motivating them to succeed. Here are some of Professional Staffing’s tips for listening your way to more effective leadership:

Demonstrating That You Care

Listening to your workers doesn’t just help you get a better idea of what’s going on in your company; it also shows you care. Supervisors who make an effort to get to know their teams – and take the time to listen – are more likely to earn their workers’ respect. As a result, teammates will likely work harder for you and your business.

Avoiding Snap Judgments

Supervisors are responsible for making numerous decisions on a daily basis. If you want to ensure these choices are based on facts rather than opinions, strive to listen more and talk less. The last thing you want to do is make a snap judgment and blame one employee for another’s failure, or condemn the entire team for an issue that’s outside its control. 

Tapping Into Workplace Relations

Bosses are responsible for managing more than the bottom line – they also supervise relationships between employees and make sure everyone is communicating in a way that’s respectful and effective. As the person in charge, you should strive to listen carefully to your employees. Not only is this just plain respectful, it also lets you get a better feel for relationships and conflicts happening in your office. As a result, you can head off issues, resolving little tiffs before they turn into big blowouts.

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