The job of an HR representative isn’t just to find the best worker for the job. It’s also to ensure a smooth transition for the company while making certain that oncoming workers feel comfortable in their roles. While many employers focus on the more technical aspects of onboarding, such as filling out paperwork and learning internal software systems, helping employees feel comfortable is equally important if you want to minimize turnover down the line.

Here are some top tips for making new employees feel welcome on the job.

Assign Mentors

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know whom to contact with questions or concerns. One way companies can overcome this problem is by instituting a buddy system whereby a current employee mentors a new hire. Arrange for the mentor to show the incoming worker the ropes and even take him to lunch to ensure he feels welcome.

Let Your Team Give the Tours

HR-led tours aren’t always relevant to the needs of new employees. Instead, arrange for a team-led tour, so your new worker can see the parts of the office that are essential to her daily job function. For example, a member of the employee’s own team is better equipped to show her the good pens in the supply closet and which break room has the best coffee.

Be Inclusive From the Start

If you want to minimize the odds of an employee jumping ship, make sure he feels like part of the team from Day One. You can achieve this goal by asking your new worker about his long-term goals and desires at the company. Additionally, it’s a good idea to invite new workers to social activities, such as company lunches and happy hours. A personal invitation can be more meaningful than an email sent to dozens of workers.

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