It’s one of the most common interview questions and one of the most disliked. After all, being asked to talk about yourself is both vague and broad. Best-case scenario, candidates wind up rambling about where they were born and went to school. In the worst case, they say something overly personal or inappropriate due to nerves.

A leader in local staffing services, Bolder Staffing, Inc. and Bolder Professional Placements specialize in helping job candidates land job interviews and prepare appropriate responses to commonly asked questions. Here are some tips on how to deliver a response to this prompt that stands out from the pack:

Don’t Be Predictable

Prepackaged interview responses are unlikely to garner favorable responses from hiring managers. While “Tell me about yourself” is a frustrating question to hear, it would be mistake to provide canned answers taken from your resume or cover letter. The recruiter wants to hear something new, so avoid offering the same-old responses about where you went to college or what you learned at your first job.

Brag a Little

Job seekers often hesitate to brag about their achievements for fear of sounding stuck up and snobbish. However, being too modest can affect your ability to land your dream job. After all, the hiring manager wants to know why they should select you from a sea of qualified applicants. If asked to talk about yourself, highlight some specific achievements that would enable you to do your job successfully. You can also talk about the reasons you’d make a great team member or skills you have that make you stand out.

Be Specific

Just as it’s important to share your strengths in a job interview, you should strive to be specific in detailing your achievements. Any applicant can describe herself as smart, educated and dedicated. Instead of selling yourself with adjectives that don’t tell the whole story, provide the HR manager with specific examples of past accomplishments in jobs or volunteer organizations.

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