Savvy hiring managers know how hard it can be to find the right talent for open positions. Not only do you have to compete with other similar businesses to attract workers, you also have to move quickly to prevent them from losing interest. If your company has a slow or uncommunicative hiring process, it could not only affect your ability to land a great candidate now but also sour other job seekers on your business in the future, as they’ve heard negative things about your brand.

At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we advise our client businesses not to risk losing top candidates as a result of a long or complicated hiring process. Here are some tips for creating a more streamlined, effective system for recruiting:

Expedite Interviewing

Even if a job candidate isn’t missing work to visit your company, the odds are good that they don’t want to sit around your office all day. After all, everyone has errands to run and responsibilities to handle. Show applicants you respect their time by creating a list of thought-provoking questions and giving them out before the start of the interview. Candidates will then be able to consider their responses in advance, saving everyone valuable minutes down the line. And of course, hiring managers should strive to ensure interviews start on time and feature valuable information about the candidate’s job responsibility. The goal is to ensure both you and the applicant can make the best possible decision.

Improve Communication

Applying for jobs can be frustrating, and applicants become even more stressed when they don’t hear from companies within a reasonable amount of time. Not only does a slow or impersonal communication process frustrate job seekers, it also increases the odds they will abandon the application process in favor of taking another position with a different company. While technology can be a valuable tool in HR, companies should aim to reach out to job seekers personally, especially if they’ve gone to the trouble of coming in for an interview. Additionally, managers should let candidates know about any delays and make themselves available for questions throughout the process.

Manage Job Specs

If you’re having trouble sourcing quality candidates for your open positions, the problem might be your job specs. In fact, unrealistic or overly complex job specifications can seriously slow down the hiring process. The fact is that few candidates will possess all the skills and experience you desire. Instead of spending months searching for a candidate who meets a laundry list of qualifications, choose people who meet most of your requirements and demonstrate a capacity for learning on the job. In some cases, you might need to pare down those job specs in order to expedite hiring.

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