When evaluating potential employees, most hiring managers look for candidates who can excel within the company and move up the ladder. That means there is often an emphasis on identifying candidates who already possess leadership qualities. Whether you’re updating your resume or preparing to head in for that all-important interview, here are three leadership qualities you should highlight in order to impress your potential employer and help you land the job.

Effective Communication

Being able to effectively communicate with your fellow workers is an incredibly desirable skill. Clear communication is the cornerstone of efficient productivity, and it has many applications within the workplace. Superior communicators not only express their ideas in ways that are easily understood, they’re also better able to listen to the thoughts and concerns of other employees, making them invaluable in solving problems. Additionally, effective communication is necessary in dealing with people outside of the company, as clients, customers and business partners need to have a clear understanding of the company’s brand, goals and directives.

Motivate Other Workers

The best leaders know that they can’t do everything themselves, therefore they have the innate ability to motivate others. Inspiriting motivation isn’t always easy, but it can greatly enhance a business’s productivity. Once properly motivated, employees will be more inclined to excel in a task and see it through to the end. Moreover, proper motivation often inspires workers to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to a given problem. In short, motivation has a cumulative effect, making workers who can inspire others highly valuable in the workplace.


Speaking of motivation, nothing spurs employees to action more than a confident leader. Supervisors who act swiftly and decisively instill a similar sense of confidence in their employees, increasing productivity across the board. Also, since confident leaders are surer of themselves and their decision-making abilities, they’re better able to adapt to change, maintain their composure under pressure and recover after setbacks. These skills make confidence one of the cornerstones of effective leadership.

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