Your resume is your introduction to potential employers. Given this importance, it’s crucial for your resume to be as effective as possible. While everyone knows that a resume needs to provide a snapshot of your education and work experience, many people forget that their achievements need to be quantified. Using numbers to back up your experience gives hiring managers a concrete understanding of your accomplishments, and will help you to land the job you’re trying to get.

Quantifying Educational Background

Adding numbers to your educational experience is simple. Including your cumulative GPA is a good place to start, but if you ranked in the top 5 or 10 percent of your graduating class, that is also valuable information to employers. Additionally, it’s a good idea to quantify student leadership or volunteer positions. Saying you were the vice president of an organization with two hundred members or helped plan an annual event for 1,000 students is more valuable than simply listing these accomplishments without numbers.

Quantifying Work Experience

Work experience is perhaps the easiest element on your resume to quantify. Overall profitability, the number of clients served and annual cost savings are all measurable metrics you can use in your resume. Moreover, you can also use hard numbers when talking about the number of teams you led or projects you oversaw. Even if you didn‘t serve in a leadership position in your job, you can still talk about how a team you were a part of catered to X number of customers or increased growth by Y percentage.

Quantifying Skills

When it comes to listing skills on your resume, some abilities are easier to quantify than others. If you can type 80 words a minute or have three years experience using certain software, these are easy numbers to incorporate. On the other hand, soft skills such as the ability to work independently, communicate effectively and meet deadlines are a little harder to quantify. However, if any of those skills contributed to a measurable increase in efficiency, helped complete a lucrative deal or enabled you to interact with a high number of clients per day, these are numbers you can highlight in your resume.

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