Before heading into a job interview, it can be difficult to prepare for all of the potential questions that an interviewer may ask. If you have significant gaps in your employment history, however, you can almost guarantee that they will be a topic of conversation. Even though employment gaps are fairly common, they still need to be adequately explained in order to keep them from hampering your chances of landing a job. So take a look below to see three of Bolder Staffing Inc.’s top tips for how to discuss employment gaps in an interview.

Find the Silver Lining

Regardless of whether you were fired or left your previous job voluntarily, find a way to frame your departure in positive terms. In the event that you were laid off, talk about how your position was eliminated during a corporate restructuring or how you were let go because you were at the higher end of the pay scale, both of which are common reasons that workers are laid off. If you left voluntarily, talk about how you decided to explore other opportunities or wanted a greater challenge. When explaining an employment gap, don’t lie about the circumstances, but make an effort to frame it in the best possible light.

Always Speak Positively About Your Previous Employer

However you discuss your employment gaps, make sure that bashing your previous employer is not part of your strategy. Yes, personality clashes and disagreements between workers and management sometimes happen, but bad-mouthing your old boss isn’t going to make you look good to your potential new boss. When discussing your previous jobs, be sure to remain professional and, once again, find a way to talk about your old employer in positive terms.

Highlight What You Did During the Gap

Not all employment gaps are bad. Often, workers will take time away from the corporate world in order to pursue passion projects, undergo additional training or education, or to raise a family. Spending time away from work doesn’t mean the time was wasted. Talk about experiences and skills you acquired during your employment gap that you can now put to use in your new job.

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