Hiring temporary employees can be a cost-efficient way to boost your workforce during the busy season or to evaluate new workers without making a long-term commitment. Unfortunately, bringing on new talent comes with the risk of impeding work flow, and temporary workers sometimes have a hard time assimilating, since they know that their employment isn’t permanent. If your company is interested in hiring temporary workers, here are four tips to help you seamlessly integrate them into the workforce.

Provide Adequate Training

One of the best ways to set temporary employees up for success is to give them the same caliber of training that you would for any other employee. Make sure that your temp workers know all the ins and outs of their assigned tasks by providing them with a proper orientation and plenty of supervised training by more experienced staff.

Start off With a Lighter Workload

As they become more familiar with the position and as you get a better understanding of their capabilities, then you can increase their responsibilities accordingly.

Properly Inform Current Staff

If you’re in the midst of making a temporary hire, one of the best things that you can do is give a heads-up to your current employees. Explain to the members of your staff what the expectations are for the new worker so that they can help make sure those expectations are met.

Encourage Communication

New workers typically have a lot of questions, so make sure that your temporary workers know what the proper communication channels are and encourage them to ask questions freely. Not only will an open dialogue cut down on confusion, but it can also help the assimilation process for temporary workers.

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