Going in for a job interview can be daunting, and how you perform in the room could mean the difference between success and failure. If you’re committed to landing a job, then it’s important to prepare for the interview beforehand and develop answers to questions you’re likely to encounter. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., our experts know the most common questions that hiring managers ask, and we’ve got tips on how to prepare answers that will help you stand out from the pack.

Why Do You Want to Work for This Company?

This question is one of the most basic, and candidates often fall into the trap of giving a generic answer. In order to give yourself an advantage, do your homework on the company before you walk through the door. Find out how the company brands itself, what its values are, and talk about how you can contribute to the business’s goals.

What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

Everyone knows this dreaded question is coming, and hiring managers are sick of hearing “non-weaknesses,” like how you’re a perfectionist and you try too hard. Instead, try to identify a weakness and spin it into a positive. For example, if you’re a recent graduate and new to the workforce, talk about how you’re eager to learn and how your lack of pre-developed bad habits will enable you to do the job exactly as the company desires.

Why Are You Leaving Your Job? (Or Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?)

If you’re employed, it’s a good idea to talk about benefits the new company offers that your current employer does not, such as more perks, a better work environment, or a higher-quality product. Conversely, if you’re currently unemployed, find a reasonable explanation for why you’re out of a job, such as being a victim of downsizing at your last company.

What Are Your Goals?

If you’re familiar with the company, you can talk about your goals within the context of what the company is trying to achieve. Additionally, it’s a good idea to focus on short-term goals for the next few years, rather than shooting for the moon and saying that you want to own your own company someday.

Trust Bolder Staffing, Inc., To Help You Find Your Next Position

Trying to find a job can be frustrating. Rather than go it alone, turn to the experts at Bolder Staffing, Inc., and let us help you find your next job. If you’re interested in learning how our team can help you land a quality position at a proven company, call our staffing experts or contact us online today.

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