Temporary work is a great opportunity to make some much-needed cash while broadening your skill set. Still, temp employees often struggle to find the best ways of listing short-term jobs on their resumes. After all, you don’t want employers to think you quit early or, worse, were let go for failing to perform! Here are some tips for writing a stellar resume that highlights temporary job experience:

Group Similar Positions

Worried about listing a dozen disparate temp jobs on your resume? Try grouping similar positions together. For example, you can list your employer as your staffing agency and discuss all the contract work performed for the various clients with which you contracted. This way, prospective employers can get a feel for the range of work you completed without having to read about every individual job.

Focus on Accomplishments

Listing multiple, seemingly disparate temp gigs can make your work history appear unfocused or spotty. One way to get around this problem is to focus instead on the skills and experience you gained through your temp roles. Under each temporary assignment, list your accomplishments and achievements. The goal is to focus on the benefits of your temp work and how they can help you succeed in your new role.

Leave Off Irrelevant Positions

Does your job history include a few short-term positions that aren’t really relevant to your overall career goals? You may want to leave them off the resume. After all, you aren’t under any obligation to include every single position you’ve held in your life. If you took a temp assignment for just a few weeks, feel free to leave it off your CV.

Make Your Resume Work for You

A leader in temporary and temp-to-hire staffing, Bolder Staffing, Inc. understands that it can be hard to list these sorts of positions on a resume. We work with candidates every step of the way, from helping them find great positions to supporting them in creating standout resumes. For more information on our candidate staffing services, call today or contact the Bolder Staffing, Inc. team online. We look forward to working with you.

About Juan Portillo, HR and Operations Manager