These days, it’s not enough to create a resume that appeals to hiring managers and recruiters. As a job seeker, you have to understand that many companies now utilize applicant tracking systems, which source resume content electronically. Take a moment to check out the following tips for writing a resume that appeals to recruiters and tracking systems alike.

Utilize Keywords

In today’s modern society, technology plays a role in almost every aspect of the business word, and hiring is no exception. This means that job seekers need to take care when crafting resumes, as it’s not only hiring managers they have to impress. To get past new applicant tracking systems, prospective employees need to inject their resumes and cover letters with keywords related to the job in question. While it’s useful to mine the job description for terms, the best candidates also conduct a Google search to identify common industry terms and buzzwords that will hit the mark with the trackers.

But, Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Although using keywords is a must, savvy job seekers take care to avoid stuffing their resumes with a laundry list of terms. Doing this makes your resume appear unprofessional and can lead hiring managers to doubt the truth of your claims. For best results, focus on readability while incorporating a few key terms.

Format Appropriately

While the content of your resume is obviously of the utmost importance, you shouldn’t discount stylistic elements like format. Although no two applicant tracking systems are created equal, most prefer that candidates choose an easy-to-read, popular font like Calibri or Times New Roman. Additionally, you should utilize a minimum font size of 11 for easy reading and avoid putting key data in headings, as tracking systems can be programmed to avoid these.

Trust Us to Assist with Your Job Search

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