LinkedIn is fast becoming a primary tool for employers to find talent. It features great ways for people to follow businesses, contact people within companies, and interact with other professionals. Because interaction is the key to developing great connections, it is also monumental to your job search. You can interact in a variety of ways on LinkedIn. For example, Email, wall postings, job postings, following companies, recommendations, endorsements, using apps to communicate, and groups. In this blog we will discuss some of the best practices for groups.

Through observations and conversations with professionals looking for jobs, I’ve discovered that groups seem to be neglected quite often. Groups should be high on any person’s list while looking for a job. They allow for you to learn about job postings, find out about events, interact with other group members, and information for professional development.

Here are some of the best ways to use groups to your advantage:

  • Interact with discussions: The best way to get noticed quickly is to interact with discussions. By participating you may make great connections. You want to also pick discussions that are about job opportunities and specific to the field in which you are trying to find work.
  • Find Groups that benefit your search: LinkedIn offers a huge variety of groups. They range from broad geographic groups to company specific groups. They are also divided by specific industries. You can join up to 50 groups. Pick those that will help your search. The best way to do this is to determine what types of jobs you would like to find and seek out these groups accordingly.
  • Contact group members: After you start interacting within a group, don’t be afraid to reach out to other group members. Send them an email and ask them if they might know of any job openings. Often times the influencers within these groups may know of places or people that will help you find that career you seek.
  • Post discussions: Nothing shows that you are in tune with your profession like posting a discussion related to your skill set. It is an easy way to show that you are an expert and assertive. Be careful when posting though. Each group has rules of what can be posted. Make sure that you adhere to these rules before you post.
  • Look at the job boards: Each group has a job postings tab. Within this tab group members can post jobs and job discussions. These postings may be for positions that you would not hear about otherwise.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to help promote yourself and get that elusive career. All groups are different, so make sure that you adhere to the rules of each group and pay attention to how people interact. Tailor your efforts by promoting yourself in a positive light and you will see some success.

If you are looking for a great group to get started join the Colorado Career Marketing group. This is a group that I started in order to provide tips and job postings to those in the job market.

About Justin Kraft, Marketing Specialist

I am the Marketing Coordinator for BSI and BP2! Over the last 15 years my accomplishments are many including starting and branding a company from the bottom up, leading various sales teams, and involvement in the non-profit sector. My personal and professional mission is to be a positive influence on those that I come in contact with.