Thinking about a career as an Administrative Professional (Admin)? If so, here are some qualities that are commonly sought out. Keep in mind that there may be other factors that weigh into a company’s decision when hiring an Admin, such as personality or whether you match a company culture.


Core Competences of a Great Administrative Professional:

  • Detail Oriented: Usually this might be considered organizational skills but I believe it is much broader. Do you have attention to detail all the time? Details matter when you are in an administrative role. You have to pay attention to schedules, proper ways to say things, organizing files, and keeping track of what people might be doing and when. If you’re not on top of this it might affect the overall efficiency of a company and thus lead to negatives in an organization from operations to sales.
  • Professional Presentation: An administrative professional is often the face of an enterprise. This means presentation must be consistent with the company image every day. An administrator sets the tone for the company and can positively or negatively impact its image by how it’s presented.
  • Dependability: Managers need to know that things are getting done correctly without micromanaging. They also need to know that their assistants will be their when they are needed and not complain when they are asked to go above and beyond. They are the tone setters to making everything go smooth so they must be dependable in these areas.
  • Technology, typing skills, and computer literacy: Learn and know as much as you can about technology and computer programs. Find out which programs are being used in the industries that you are targeting to be an administrator and make sure you are proficient. Administrators can become an even larger asset by staying up on new trends and programs to make the office more efficient.
  • Strong phone presence: A strong phone presence is the ability to articulate in a succinct way your point or part of the conversation. This person speaks slowly, clearly, and in a precise way.

These are some of the necessary core items for administrative professionals. It is up to the potential candidate or employee to meet the other specifics of a job. The key is to make sure you are a good match for the employer and yourself.

About Justin Kraft, Marketing Specialist

I am the Marketing Coordinator for BSI and BP2! Over the last 15 years my accomplishments are many including starting and branding a company from the bottom up, leading various sales teams, and involvement in the non-profit sector. My personal and professional mission is to be a positive influence on those that I come in contact with.