If you’ve had a dozen interviews in the past two months and still don’t have a job, the problem might be in the palm of your hand . . . or in your ears. It’s great that you have an iPod with all the best music loaded. It’s awesome that you have an unlimited texting plan.

What’s not great or awesome is to bring your gadgets into an interview. After all, you’ve spent valuable time responding to a job posting, completing an application, maybe even a phone screen and you’ve made it to this important next step – so don’t blow the interview opportunity by texting your BFF or grooving to your favorite tune. Not even while you’re waiting in the lobby (we notice that too). Better to be interested in your surroundings or even strike up a conversation with the receptionist.

Job hunting is serious business so please take it seriously. Your dream job could be won or lost by what you communicate (verbally and non-verbally) in this vital meeting. Companies can’t afford to hire applicants who give the appearance of being unable to disconnect from their personal devices for the brief span of the interview. You need to focus on impressing the interviewer with your skills, not your electronics.

So, leave the gadgets in the car and be noteworthy to your prospective employer in the right way – with your professional attire, confident demeanor, and your ability to communicate clearly and effectively about why you’re the perfect person for the job!

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