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These days, it’s not enough to create a resume that appeals to hiring managers and recruiters. As a job seeker, you have to understand that many companies now utilize applicant tracking systems, which source resume content electronically. Take a moment to check out the following tips for writing a resume…Read More

Many companies assume they can save money by managing their hiring and recruitment in-house. However, the truth is, this task can eat up a lot of time that would be better spent finding new customers and running your business. Here are three essential benefits associated with outsourcing your talent acquisition…Read More

Think that the hiring manager is the only one who can ask questions during an interview? On the contrary, candidates should prepare to make a few inquires themselves if they hope to shine. Here are three core questions to make you stand out to the person doing the hiring. What…Read More

Is your company writing job ads that attract the best candidates? A good job description doesn’t just explain the position in question; it also details the company culture and shares benefits information with a goal toward getting the best people to click “apply.” At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we care about…Read More

Landing your dream interview is almost as exciting as getting that job offer. Unfortunately, failing to impress during the interview process can destroy everything for which you’ve worked. One of these mistakes is neglecting to stress your soft skills, or nontechnical talents and abilities. Local staffing leaders, the recruiters at…Read More

Job search not going the way you hoped? You could be making simple missteps that have a profound effect on your success rate. At Bolder Staffing, Inc., we specialize in helping candidates avoid common job search mistakes to land their dream positions. Here are three significant errors of which many…Read More

We’ve all seen the signs: productivity has dropped and workers are expressing dissent in the workplace. Maybe you’re even losing your best people to your competitors. The truth is that employee burnout doesn’t just affect the worker in question; it can also impact the other team members and even the…Read More

You’ve spent weeks preparing for the big interview, deciding in advance what anecdotes to share and updating your resume to include all your career highlights. When the big day finally comes, you find that you have a great rapport with your interviewer, and you can’t imagine not scoring a follow-up…Read More

Job interviews are nobody’s favorite activity. However, if you want to receive that elusive offer email, mastering the interview is a crucial first step, and that means learning to talk confidently about your past employment. Not only do hiring managers use your work history to evaluate your skill set, but…Read More

Congratulations! After weeks of hard work and dozens of challenging job interviews, you’ve finally landed a new manufacturing position. While starting a new job is always exciting, it can also be a time of great stress. Even if you have previous experience in the manufacturing field, you still have to…Read More